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  1. very good it s done, the CS vehicles are almost uselles.
  2. Here are a few ideas to improve wwiiol. Some are mine, some from other players, just a little changed. No one of these are ideas about balancing (there are a lot of more experienced players that has good suggestions) or improving game graphics (better graphics, ok, but thats another issue and I guess the rats are aware of it) , but gameplay itself. Not so much new unit requests. LAND: More objectives. Capturable Hill, Bridge or river crossing as somebody said. Destroyable bridges are ok, but the skill to build the pontoons bridges is needed. Specialized engeniers brig. Able to build pontoons bridges Specialized Artillery brig. With not so much field artillery guns. A few that hc has to move around the map to hit some point. Recce unit. A unit that could send coordinates to arty units. Maybe a couple new units here. Jeep and kubelwagenboth LMG equiped. Ligth recon units could carry 3 inf, and must be not able to set FMS, but to tow ligth/médium atg or set ammo boxes, ore even better, no more ammo boxes but ammo chart. More complex maybe, mine layer, mine removal vehiclesin enginers unit, very limited by numbers. AIR: RDP again! I mean delaying TIERs . Side that doesnt care about factories, doesn t get new units. Phisical radar stations. Destroying it, no air EWS. Maybe capturable places kinda old cement bunker or new model freya or wurzburg tipe. Destroyable/damageable airfields. A new target for médium bombers. AF bombed gets inoperative for a while. SEA: Needs bait. So, why not an AI autoconvoy (the cargo unit is modelled) from England to France or Belgium/Netherlands. Even, capturing deep wáter ports in netherlands makes supply more available for allieds. Its a new RDP form. Navy and Air forces gets new targets. The north part of the map gets a new and more importan role. With these ideas, the players that like more strategical component get some, and people that just like to kill, gets new targets, new objetives. They are my humble ideas. Please, let me know your thoughts about it, and sorry my writing, I tried my best.
  3. Fix: laser beam MG AI Feature: destroyable Airfields making them not operative by air bombing. No more air quake next to a target city near an AF. Could be reparable by engies too. Add more strategic gameplay, new use for medium bombers, an attack will require more coordination between forces.
  4. Hola Bruninito, si puedo ayudarte online. Si ves mi tag, no dudes en preguntar lo que sea, pero es fundamental que uses discord. Fijate en el apartado de ayuda tecnica que estan los enlaces y tutoriales de configuracion.
  5. Me alegro de saber que estan todos bien, mi solidaridad y la de mis cumpas con los compañeros peninsulares. Saludos, larga vida a la democracia!
  6. hey ! who s the discord admin? Can be added a spanish speaker channel? we are a few in game, but still coulb be good to have a common channel to play as a team, besides squads and even more with the steam release. Thanks
  7. Excelente. Very good ideas. great ideas. Could be posible RATS?
  8. Jwilly thank you for your explanation. I was not directly involved but knew the process of adding new planes/objects to Il-2 sturmovik 1946. Are very similars. Anyway I have a few questions (not really questions, I sadi I am wondering) - 3d modellers doesn t grow in tress but in 2017 there are a lot more of them, even amateurs than in 2001/2005. -the 3D models are not so high poly count. In Il2 a plane, single seater, could has max 3500 polis (finished) at LOD0. Compare models with any plane model here. A tank less than that. -The coding it s allways a bottleneck, but I ask; There s no master code for tanks in example where to add the variables? i.e turret rotation values, armor values, rate of fire, ??? So, I guess if not could be possible to add third parties modellers / coders to add vehicles ingame. Or even better a SDK for anyone interested. WWIIOL is a wonderfull game, almost artistic, could be very good involve more people working on it, for free as in other games.
  9. what if Bombers could do damage to enemy AF the same way do to factories, and put them unserviceable? This could give new use to medium bombers. And other suggestion: what if could be modeled radar stations ( just a simple building, like the old cement bunker) that work as EWS, instead of cities? Another target in the list for bombers. Both could add new life to the air battles.
  10. Just that, a few artillery brigades. About 3 or 4 at front, so, they have to be used wisely. Artilley would bring a lot of secondary dutys, as tow, re ammo, new tactics, new mission for air forces. No need to big numbers, 5 to 10 pieces 75-105 mm, 20 trucks and a few infantry could be enought plus a few AAA.
  11. La 1SC " La compañia" es una squad española que combate del lado aliado. Es una de las squads mas antigua del juego. Cuenta entre sus filas con veteranos de muchisima experiencia dispuestos a transmitir a los nuevas reclutas sus conocimientos. Priorizamos el juego en equipo, la camaraderia y la diversion pero por sobre todas las cosas, la 1SC, ademas de ser muy efectiva en combate, es una familia. Unete a la esta legendaria unidad, sintoniza el canal 39 del chat y pregunta por nosotros. Adelante, siempre adelante!!! Visita y registrate en nuestros foros:
  12. same here...Last nigth got this is solved?