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  1. I was learning the hard way that apparently the "new and improved 109" means that a gentle 1/3rd stick or less pull while rolled over past 90 degrees equals an instant snap roll at moderate speeds. On the other hand, I tried the Bell on the training server earlier tonight and it didn't seem much different then before, so that's nice (more reason to fly FAF at least, muha). Edit for clarification: G6 that is, F4 doesn't seem quite so bad, but even it has a strange new "prepared to flop" zone where it gets really, really floaty feeling and just about any stick input causes a snap roll/flop.
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The BEST part of the Blen I was the fact that it could depart controlled flight whenever you wanted to! Half of my (developed during a grand total of 5~ sorties) defensive maneuvers practically relied on the fact that the plane could spin and snap roll around on a whim! Grim news, indeed.
  3. They.... they changed the Bell? I will withhold my righteous indignation until trying it, but...
  4. Just so you know, the volume on that video is... troubling. I pray no one has their youtube volume maxed before clicking play. Goodbye, speakers.
  5. I disagree. I could definitely see the value in some form of "plink timer", say a 60 second grace period between the last time a person hit you for you to hit the ground and award a kill. Otherwise, if you get shot and die, someone should get credit. Unless you'd prefer everyone who gets shot to just start lawn darting themselves before critical damage is dealt... Edit: Assuming they don't feel like risking a despawn, of course.
  6. I just confirmed this myself. Sound Blaster X-fi Titanium reverts to software (even if 128 voices can be selected and maintained). Try running-as-admin and Vista compatibility mode in Windows 7; still software. Edit: On top of this, if I look "Back + Left/Right", the sound starts glitching a bit and can't seem to determine where it should come from. It bounces between "Front" sound and "Left/Right" sound. Even looking straight over the wing continues to produce a sort of "rapid wobble" in the sound.