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  1. Sign me up for a H-somethin'
  2. Second flight, in a E4. Plinked a few Hurricanes as they mauled our bombers (came in waaaay too fast). Got a Hurri or two on my six, got shot in the leg, nosed down and ran until they broke. Came back to help out Ramses while gimpgliding around... fought with a Spitfire for quite some time, if by fight I mean struggled to even turn the plane without my pilot going deaf. Eventually made a break for home, hitting another Hurri that must've been relifting, followed by fluking one of my last 5 20mm into some Hurricane pilot's skull for for my only kill. 7 (6 Hurri, 1 Spit) hits, 1 kill. RTB.
  3. Two 111s and two E4s hit, one of each killed. Attempt at aerial bombardment for the second 111: Failure Landed with half of my bombs and ammo left... shouldn't have chased the 109 down to confirm. (Blen Supremacy)
  4. Blen IXc is fueling up on the runway.
  5. This event is off to a great start: I register with Allied TS2, try using the info I registered with, and get IP banned for 10 minutes
  6. Crystalizer attempts to "crispen" your audio. It does this by introducing (to my ears) additional treble and a subtle graininess with a slight bass reduction. I suppose it helps low quality sounds, but is otherwise pretty pointless. Speakers setting causes quite a bit of controversy, but if you are using Headphones then I'd suggest leaving it set to Headphones. From a sound perspective, Headphone setting is just a little more "centered" sounding in your head, maybe. It's also slightly quieter at the same volume level than 2.1, but that's nothing you can't adjust elsewhere. EAX is 100% user preference. The sound quality depends on the game's implementation. Some have excellent EAX effects, others make a hallway sound like you're inside of a canyon. Generally, though, you want to leave it set at 0.0db while on because that applies the EAX effects at their "normal" levels. I don't believe this game features EAX support, so whether this is on off of shouldn't matter (?) Also: if you intend to use EAX in any game, the card's "Mode" must be set to Game. One setting you didn't mention is CMSS-3D. It's virtual spacialization (sounds come from all directions around your head, or rather they kind of do). It absolutely ruins music, but some people love it in games. In my case, it just seemed to double the bass and make locations more pronounced directionally but not quite as natural sounding. It's another case of "sounds like I'm in a 20 foot wide box with people shouting from outside". Sure, you can tell the direction, but the clarity is diminished. For me, it's Cryalizer off, CMSS off, Headphones, Game mode with EAX on at normal level. This is all just my opinion, though.
  7. Just chiming in now that I've subscribed. ATI 5870, Windows 7 64 bit. 9.12 drivers would crash every 15 minutes to a couple of hours. 10.1 would crash every 15 minutes like clock work. In a last ditch effort to get things working, I uninstalled all ATI software, made visible hidden files and folders (and system files), uninstalled all additional ATI files, ran Driver Sweeper and removed additional ATI files, rebooted in safe mode, ran Driver Sweeper again, and then installed the 8.7 RC2 drivers (technically released before Catalyst 10.1, but given that 10.1 contains 8.69 as its actual core drivers...). I just played for 2 hours without incident, which prompted me to subscribe instead of letting the trial expire. The only other setting I changed between 10.1s and 8.7 core-driver-only was switching to the non-SSE2 executable. Hope this information helps others.