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  1. wasnt ch10 for ops? it was 8 years ago i think
  2. good luck doc and best wishes
  3. got a video clip for the next time , maybe. could be to SCARY for some guys too , so watch out. this is a german tradition too
  4. you dont need to be afraid about the german military,not anymore,most of their equipment doesnt work.
  5. its only 2% blabla,just can come from groundplayers because it doesnt hurt there gameplay. what if the rain would make the ground soft so your vehicles and guns couldnt move like it is in real life? for the air game it sux,you have to fly low and slow as bomber to look for your targets,as a fighter pilot the chance that you loose your enemy throuw the clouds is higher we dont need to remove it at all just remove from 2% to 0.5%.
  6. time on tier changes?tier0 to tier1?days
  7. they count in fighters and Bombers every plane you kill goes for fighter stats and everything on the ground on bomberstats
  8. is there a list with the new tier setups?
  9. i guess thats how axis tankers feel with a matti or char infront
  10. had the same , they cut it wide out made the biopsy and it was the [censored] cancer. had to do 8 chemos 2015 - 2016.the first chemo was ok ,all the rest was ,lets say ,not so good. but i dont want to scare you doc,i had people on my reha that said they had no problems with the chemo. after the chemo i had to go for bloodcheck every 3 month,now im up to all 6 month and the doc says its all ok and he dont thinks its coming back. i wish you the best doc and gl , my doc said to me : we have to fight now ,life is not over!
  11. are they at/on your neck?
  12. you have to see it this way , viel Feind - viel Ehr this