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  1. Why did the name changed again to wwii online? dontt get me wrong i never liked battleground europe
  2. Everyone is using diffrent conv for the Planes you have to find out whats the best for you
  3. Yes you can drive a tank alone an switch to all positions, or you can multicrew a tank
  4. Lol here we go ...:D
  5. nice story,never heard of it before
  6. Something wrong here,we are talking about fixing the 09 and i dont see any allie coming in to cry. where are they?bus0 on vacation?
  7. Please make a copy before you fix something. Edit:i hate the new forums
  8. its probably helpfull for noobs not to flop a 09.maybe should be a sticky in da hangar. for me its too much work/programming/testing i dont want to spend.
  9. ya saw that but its all good kidd27 killed me , like the good lod days;)
  10. Nice vid i never tried to set those settings,thought im gonna make more kaputt then it would help me question: if i set it could i do then the twister with the spits?i mean the twister they do when i try to get on their 6? I think im gonna try this if i get the time to. thx man
  11. Closed for noobs