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  1. OMG cant believe that you said that ...
  2. holy [censored] more news! that are news right?
  3. i want a tripod then and someone who carries it for me
  4. there a a couple films on youtube where you can see guys testing a mg34/mg42 hip firing. its not accurate but it still can use.
  5. 2001 - 7. Infanterie Division
  6. 3 or 4 times for me since im back
  7. you should join the flying guys on discord,join the same mission , listen to them , ask them and learn.
  8. Ab und zu les ich bei euch
  9. Mars Sniper
  10. na dat is ja ma nen name , moin;)
  11. dont lie
  12. I remember a time where i could turnfight spits in a E4 or F4 easily. but thats some years ago. last time i played i had my problems to do it,maybe because im rusty or my stick was broken or some changes had happend or they all used some rudder tunings i dont know. Bnz is ok but not much fun