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  1. leeuw, You need to check the top of the forum. There is a problem with ATI cards and 1.30.xx. Some people get it to work, but I still haven't been able to. I am hoping they have it fixed for 1.31, or I am gone...For good. Tired of wasting money, I could spend it on hookers and blow instead. S! VTCC93
  2. UBER Bumpage.... Have we heard ANYTHING regarding this or for that matter what is going on with 1.31? It has been two weeks since the last update that I have seen regarding 1.31 I want to test my new rig. Someone please fix the ATI card issues. S! VTCC93
  3. There is NO WAY that I am going to buy another card just so I can play BE. I bought the top of the line single card available, and even though as someone pointed out that it isn't necessarily supported, it appears that the 5XXX cards aren't the only ATI cards that are having problems. I guess BE is really only Nvidia Friendly. Here is hoping for 1.31 to be ATI friendly. S! VTCC93
  4. So, I will ask the question. For those of us that are on the 6 month pay plan, are you going to give us the "free" months back once things go live in 1.31? There is no way for us to play right now, I don't want to UNSUB and then RESUB when the new game comes out (unless we find out it doesn't work in 1.31). I think we should get the credit to our accounts. S! VTCC93
  5. Redtex, Unfortunately, I don't think 9.7 supports the new 5000 series cards, so we are all still stuck, I am glad that you are up and running. VT
  6. Errah, Sorry to see you go, I am probably not far behind you. There are a LOT of games that don't have issues with ATI video cards, and unforunately the FPS on my old machine in BE was one of the reasons I build a new rig. Now I can't play at all. Rats, can someone please tell me you are working with ATI to fix this? We need some love. S! VTCC93
  7. I guess we will have to see if ATI "Fixes" it or if CRS does. Either way, I am not happy that my super computer doesn't play WW2OL.
  8. Well... Hung at the log in Screen...Didn't even make it into the game...This STINKS..Why buy a S.H. video card if it isn't going to work with WWIIOL. Rats, HELP us PLEASE...And quickly. VTCC93
  9. This is going to suck...I just built my new machine and my 5870 is sitting on my front porch for me to install when I get home. This needs to be worked out quickly. One of the main reasons I just built the machine was to get better response during WWIIOL. I will tell everyone what my experience is after the install. New Machine CPU: i7 920 MB: ASRock Extreme X58 Video Card: Gigabyte 5870 Memory: OC Gold Tri-Channel 3x2GB HDD: Baracuda 7200.12 1TB PowerSupply: PSU CORSAIR-1000HX Windows 7 Professional - 64 Bit Case: CoolerMaster Sniper VTCC93