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  1. Do they have a free version for people that want to learn the software?
  2. I was db7 in that video
  3. If I think back, this is the video that sold me on this game and is one of the few videos that does a very good job showing off the simulator aspect of the game. It would be great to get an updated version with a deeper dive into HE rounds and bombs, especially with the latest data from the HE audit. I think it would really help sell the game.
  4. How will you deal with AF camping once these are introduced? Its already bad enough with 232s driving from a several towns away. How to deal with an AA gun that can pick up and move between each kill and never have to get within ews range of the AF to pick people off that are lifting?
  5. If you read the reviews on Steam or elsewhere the 2 biggest concerns are graphics and gameplay relating to instant action (i.e. spawning in and running 1km to town, not knowing where to go and what to do). Graphics are sort of meaningless to many veterans but its a reality of gaming that better graphics attract more players..especially in military type games. I'd likely throw FPS mechanics into the primary concern list as well but i think the other issues are easier to address and should also take priority. CRS should be throwing everything they have at addressing these problems. They should be updating every old vehicle and inf model in game, inside and out. So even though adding a nice interior tank view adds very little if nothing to the gameplay, it can be a huge turn off if the first tank i hop into is a Vickers and there is literally nothing inside but blocky grey texture and a 2d stick. The inconsistency in level of detail & graphics is something I havent seen any other game. The other main issue is that this game requires a longer time investment per session, especially if you dont know what you are doing. the CoD and Battlefield crowd (which is most fps players) want to jump right in and play 15mins or 30mins and feel like they've complished something. And though this is not that type of game i think there are changes that can be made to improve instant action or active battles.
  6. dont be jealous
  7. is it possible to make the spawn points as sturdy and hard to take down as they are now from the front and easier to take down from inside or the back where players spawn? This would make it so that if a tank far off saw the spawn he couldnt take it down at range unless he flanks it. And also if he is behind camping where players are spawning, make it so a few hundred rounds of MG or a couple HE rounds will take it down. So even if he is camping, its likely he'd accidentally kill the spawn. Also, i feel like 1 HE charge should take down a spawn if placed inside
  8. [Fri Jan 02 23:02:31 1970] Netcode2: Opening [Fri Jan 02 23:02:32 1970] Netcode2: Opened [Fri Jan 02 23:02:32 1970] Netcode2: Established Date and time: 4/3/2011 0:27:49 Program compile time: Mar 30 2011 14:51:10 File version: 1, 33, 2, 255 GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Renderer: GeForce GTX 465/PCI/SSE2 Access violation: Illegal read by 00B0D6F5 at 00000018 OS-Version: 6.1.7600 () 0x300-0x1 [00B0D6F5] (ww2): : [00B0CFF0] (ww2): : [00B0AE75] (ww2): : [00B0C8E1] (ww2): : [00B0DB37] (ww2): : [00B0DB3F] (ww2): : [00B0BE02] (ww2): : [00B0D907] (ww2): : [00B0DCA3] (ww2): :
  9. Infantry can now climb up the fire-escape staircase from the outside. The staircase ends above the ground but infantry are no longer prevented from climbing back into the CP building.
  10. Changing visible player limit requires restart Not sure if bug...just doesn't seem like a setting that should require a restart
  11. See S/S Requires new infantry model images DOC - yeah it does and we have that planned but it's low priority compared to all the functionality stuff.
  12. When you despawn and the camera circles around your avatar, from time to time it will show your character not holding any weapon. Or rather that he is holding something but that it is invisible. The character will also pop in and out of the standing up relaxed stance and the hunched over combat stance while despawning.
  13. The FW190 appears to be missing part of its left wing when its gear is down and viewed from the mid-range LOD Tested with mako26, we both saw the same thing
  14. Expanding this bug to include EVERY despawn. It just shows up no matter what I do. Spawn in at an AF way behind enemy lines, immediately despawn...killed by Enemy forces