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  1. erm well... what is it then?
  2. doesnt work for me. i still get clear sounds from 2 km away (at lower volume however). with the old driver (from 2003!) distant sounds are additionally "muffled" which is much more realistic.
  3. ok, i seem to have fixed it. i managed to roll back my driver to the previous version (somehow windows was using the newest driver it could find, even if i installed it from the original cdrom) here's how i did it: 1. uninstall your current creative drivers 2. use http://www.drivercleaner.net to clean any remaining files 3. delete any directories named "CRF*" in your WINDOWS/Temp folder (in my case) 4. reboot 5. install your old drivers from cdrom (or wherever you have them stored) 6. in WWIIOL settings choose "SB Audigy Audio" (not "Primary Sound Driver") 7. write down "never change a running system" 1000 times by hand 8. enjoy the game in full 3d audio glory
  4. same here. me and some others reported this issue a number of times. no solution so far. VERY frustrating. see also: http://discussions.playnet.com/showthread.php?t=104445 http://discussions.playnet.com/showthread.php?t=109607
  5. *bump* i cant believe there is only 3 of us having this problem...
  6. same problem here. i thought i should update my audigy 2 drivers... bad idea
  7. *BUMP* seems they left that out in the keymapper. when i'm on the road i happen to play on my laptop which has no external mouse (=no mousewheel)., so i'm stuck at the default map zoom level because there's no way to assign different keys. that sucks.
  8. so whats the status of this? has it ever been classified as a bug? any1 else having trouble getting rid of the annoying music??
  9. my mainboard is an asus k7n2. never thought about oc'ing my cpu actually. too risky and prolly not worth the hassle with extra cooling etc... btw, my cpu is an athlon xp 2600+ (not 2400+ as stated above) running at 2.1ghz. my main problem is the changed LOD behaviour since 1.20. i get 4-6 fps when looking at trees or cities through binos and also tanks have become totally unplayable for me. had to lower the resolution to 1024x768 in order to squeeze out some additional fps. upgrading to a midrange vidcard may help to get back my old fps (used to be around 20-60 fps) till the next major system upgrade... already saw some good offers for the 9800pro which looks like the best bet at the moment..
  10. alright thx for the input! gonna try and see if i find a used one somewhere.
  11. thx for the hint but overclocking yields only minor results in most cases. i need a suggestion for a cheap card that matches my CPU and resolution requirements without offering silly features like shadermodel 3.0, 512MB ram and the likes..
  12. the game has become unplayable for me since 1.20 (fixed tree detail level killed my system). i dont want to upgrade the hole system (cpu+mobo) for another couple of months. so at the moment the only option for me is to get a new graphics card. my current system looks like follows: athlon xp 2400+ nforce2 chipset motherboard 1.2 GB ram geforce 4200ti 128mb agp 8x i play at 1280x1024. i dont need no fancy dvi-i or tv-out. given the specs above what would be the best graphics card? and i dont wanna spend more than say $100. i'm gonna get a new card anyway when i upgrade the hole system, so its really only about being able to play wwiiol until then thanks for any input.
  13. i just tried to install a second copy of wwiiol on my laptop (IBM Thinkpad R52). everything works fine except for the 3d sounds.. somehow the sound distance is not modeled correctly, i.e. i get all the sounds at equal volume, no matter how far the sources are. very confusing... i tried lowering the amount of audio acceleration - made no difference. any hints on what could be wrong? the thinkpad r52 uses analog devices soundmax integrated audio, its not the best HW there is but it should be compatible with directsound 3d (assuming that's the spatialization API used in the game...)
  14. that's EXACTLY what you shouldn't do... try lowering max sounds to the number of channels your soundcard can REALLY handle, i.e. normally that would be 16 or 32. worked for me.