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  1. Game is un-playable for me at maxium settings. Very, very, choppy, 8 fps at times. Here are the Recommended System Requirements, I did not post the minimum. My system is listed in my sig. Macintosh OS: OSX 10.6/OSX 10.5 Processor: 3 GHz Dual Core or 2.66 GHz Quad Core Memory: 4 GB Hard Drive: 2 GB Free Sound: on-board or better Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 250 or Radeon HD 4850 or better* Broadband Internet Connection The only problem I see with my system, is that it came with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I may just get use to not knowing who is talking, or pull out an additional laptop. I like using my headset with surround sound, it helps late at night, when the wife and kids are asleep. I just dont want to turn down the sound effects too much.
  3. Anyone know of a way to add an additional monitor, with a new iMac? I would love to be able to see who is talking on Team Speak and pull up Safari.
  4. iPhone app, all the way!!! Plus also with the app, say information tab, links to forums. Any other goodies would be fantastic!
  5. A couple of other things, if you or anyone can help me out with this. I would love to use the x-52 system to control infantry. I can not do that now, only use the stick for certain things on Infantry control. I do have a Razer Naga Mouse, that does work great. Buttons are hard to get use to, hitting them with my thumb takes practice. But back to the X-52 system. I want to control, my tanks, and other vehicles FOWARD movement with the Throttle. But, you can not configure it to do this, at least I cant. You have to use the stick to move armor, boats, guns, forward. Any help on this would be great!! I also would love to hear from any other X-52 users, how you have your buttons and controlers configured. Thanks guys!!
  6. Thanks very much for the help. I believe this was at least get me back to even. Now, I must practice, practice, practice.
  7. I have just purchased the X52 system for use with my iMac. My main problem is, my iMac picks it up, the game picks it up. But, I had a previous stick. and I played around with the screen that has the red box, on the white line, you can drag in all directions. I have tried to return this area of settings back to normal, but still feel I am off. How do I reset this area? Also, when I first pick the X-52 on the initial settings page, do I need to re-calibrate the stick, or just go with the flow. It states to move in all directions, but there are so many functions, hats, throttles, etc. What do I move?? I am asking all this mess due to when I am attempting to fly, I must rotate or lean the stick left pretty hard to stay strait when lifting off. Then in the sky, I move to hard to one side, and I am in a death roll towards the ground. Thanks for any help.