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  1. Day 1 player here but under a different user name. Played mostly German and remember the fun we had when we could spawn anywhere. Take a town way behind enemy lines. Be part of a huge attack force with 50+ panzers, Stukas, 110s, 88s and steamroll the allies. Of course the bugs such as the flaming feet, branches knocking over tanks, finding yourself floating in the clouds, and flying ships and so on. I was lucky on that patch that wiped your hard drive. I played on my work computer(System admin at the time) and didn't have time to download it the day it came out. I left around 2007 the first time and came back around 2011. I didn't stay long as I didn't like the way the game was heading. Be nice to get my old account back if I stay since I had ranked up to a nice level.