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  1. I have the same Joystick But it sounds like a dead zone problem although I'm not exactly sure. Do you mean that you can't get a midway throttle, as in you can never go at half throttle or what?
  2. Amazing as always Propa!
  3. Go there
  4. That would be pretty awesome I must say
  5. I thought that's what they did.
  6. Have you got the 4gb patch thing?
  7. You could try to run ww2ol.exe as windows 7 (go to compatibility mode thing)
  8. Or you could just use Ctrl + +
  9. Good post mate
  10. Try posting it in the billing support forums
  11. If you're running half an hour to get somewhere, then you're doing it wrong. Make sure you spawn from a mission with a FRU that's relatively close to the town. But sometimes the longer missions are the best
  12. Great post! Also there's: /orders - Gives everyone on your mission orders (you have to be mission leader to do this) /orders - Check the current orders for your mission /friend - Adds a player to your friends list (the game notifies you when they log in) /ignore - Puts a player on ignore (you can no longer see any chat from that player) /who - Tells you more details about the player (what mission they're in and their rank) /who - Shows all online squad members /tr - Shows all current trainers online, you can Private message these guys if you want some help /hc - Shows all online High Command members, you can private message these guys to ask them where you should be fighting
  13. How do I shoot an ATG? What you have to do, is when you spawn in, you're in position 1, the spotter. Before you can shoot the ATG, you need to deploy it, to do that you need to press Z. Then, you can press 2 (to go to position number to, the aimer) Then you can shoot until your hearts content. I see this asked a lot on help channel None of that gets covered in training, maybe that's something to look at
  14. Just copied it out to this post.
  15. I don't see the first 3 either. I'm on a desktop