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  1. For me it isn't about money. I just wish CRS would make the game they planned in 2001 instead of trying to please everyone. Some where along the way CRS got derailed.
  2. When I see visible supply, trains, ship convoys, subs and other features that enhance gameplay I will come back and resub for 12 months. In the mean time I wish CRS the best of luck.
  3. Is there a way to lock in your radio channel so you just have enter your message and press 'enter' each time instead of pressing the f-keys or a .1 .2 ,ect for each individual message? It is a royal pain in the butt to keep pressing the channel you want to broadcast on for each individual message. Maybe something isn't working properly here as I recall years ago the radio would stay on the channel until you tuned it out or turned it off. Currently, as soon as I send my message(pressing enter) the channels that are highlighted reset.