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  1. I'm rather a fan of the idea of "Regiment" flags for Squads; but they should not be designed like the current brigade flags we have in-game, nor should they be the same as the regular Brigade flags as they'll exist in 1.36. Their primary intent should be to allow Squads to use them during an op and as an added prestige factor; NOT for [effective] day-to-day campaign use. With this in mind, I had some ideas. 1) A bit more supplies for them than has been suggested. 2) Actual quantity of supplies dependent on number of active squad members. Require a minimum number of squad members before you are eligible for the minimum-supplied Regiment flag. 2) I'm assuming allowing the squads to choose the equipment that makes up their flag is a bit too much work, so the flag would be "specialized"; ie. armored, infantry, airborne, fighter wing - etc. The squad flag would have to choose an area to be specific in, sacrificing their capabilities in other fields. 3) The flag would move like regular flags, with the same speed. Could not move into a contested town. 4) The flag could only be moved by Squad officers; MAYBE, MAYBE allow all members of the Squad to get certain equipment regardless of subscription (since there wouldn't be much of it, it could be something to give F2P more taste to actually subscribe?) 5) Resupply timers for supplies lost in Regiment (squad) flags substantially higher than Garrison/Brigade supplies. Try to make it to where supplies expended in a large Squad Op on a night of the week would take at least until the same night of the next week to be fully resupplied. Can adapt this to routed Regiment flags as well, taking days or a week before it can be redeployed. The goal would be to give squads something of their own to plan ops around, while also forcing them to make strategic decisions as to rather or not to expend supplies on things - since their supplies would be more precious that Garrison/Brigade supplies.
  2. Hypothetically, if someone was interested in trying to produce videos for trailers or what have you would it be within policy to allow said person to record footage via an observer/bird-like cam? Or would this person have to acquire the footage through a more securely placed CRS member?
  3. I'm not the biggest fan of the idea of making the plane a MS as it orbits around an AO. That being said, it would be pretty cool to represent glider-borne infantry by allowing a plane to land near an AO and deploy itself as a MS; I faintly recall way back when I first started how the trucks themselves were turned into mobile spawns, as opposed to deploying a FRU/MS. Additionally, if there would be some way to make the "glider" MS have a limited amount of supply, it'd be a good way not to have it be OP or too unrealistic.
  4. I myself think the timers being sped up added a needed bit of freshness and added more maneuver warfare to the map, but that's just me. I'd also think that this hilariously fast drive to Germany is a pretty one-off thing; there were new mechanics and both sides decided to do something wonky for fun - as both High Commands get their crash course on the new timers, they'll adapt to it and will not make the same moves next time. As for those complaining about not seeing Tier 2 and 3, I suppose I can understand. Speeding up tier timers in tandem with these timer changes wouldn't be too preposterous. Though I do admit, I'm not at all a fan of the mass amounts of Semi-Autos and Automatics that pour in late-game. Edit: I agree with what delems said as well; as the map movement is made more fluid, the need to re-implement town-based supply is becoming increasingly evident. The system would encourage more Squad-level cooperation on the Strategic map as a whole - would probably really help prevent massive steamrolls.
  5. If the combat was less fixed on towns, the ability of artillery to rain death down wouldn't be that big of a deal. We've seen the combat move out of the urban area of a town during the onset of combat, but it is still fixed on going into a town and capturing depots. If, well down into the future, the combat revolved around more than town ownership (ie. holding areas of strategic terrain, rail junctions, etc) then artillery would have a harder time training their guns on a target. A side could call in an artillery strike, it would take time for the strike to aim the shot, and even then the shell could potentially take minutes to arrive; a non-static combat unit could avoid getting demolished from afar. It would give artillery more roles, too; as in area denial as opposed to outright destruction of the enemy.
  6. I think your point about pretty much all the infantry combat happening in urban settings has some merit. I always wished that a lot more of the smaller cities would have been converted into sparsely populated farm-holdings; as well as outside of actual cities having a bunch of small cottages and farmhouses. It would certainly open up the range of combat without it being a complete sniper-oriented affair. I somewhat like Hasselt because between its southern two depots and the main town is a collection of farm buildings that are real fun to take from a fireteam of enemies with a handful of infantry; you can put down automatic fire and rush it as opposed to being forced to either snipe at each other [open countryside] or facehug [dense urban].
  7. Finally pushed back the Aliban last night at Bergheim! Good to be back BK!
  8. Why. Hello there, might you take this bump?
  9. I will unless something terrible happens.
  10. Wait. Did I miss the anniversary? That's what I resubscribed for, heh.
  11. Still getting red padlocks
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  13. Exact same problem with me after I resubscribed after a long while.
  14. Tuesday Bump But Wait... its not JUST Tuesday... its Tuesday March 1st, BlitzKaders 1 Year Birthday! We expect presents! And Strippers (and beer, lots of beer)
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