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  1. I'd join but I'd get kicked out for cruel and unusual stat padding.
  2. As an alternative to the mini-campaign events, for as long as I can be bothered, I will be running an old fashioned intermission with a twist on the training server. Infantry Roermond-Roermond West will be inf only, sneak, skulk and knife people as you will. No annoying tanks and planes to make things loud or run you over! Day 2 will see the same, mainly because that is paradise anyway. Pilots As it pertains to flyboys: Vliss-Knokke is open for business and this time without pesty boats! (At first anyway) Day 2 will see Beauvis-Clermont open as well when the boats move into Vliss and Oostende for those who don't like the pesky boats. Sailors Dover-Deal is set up for DD and Fairmile action, no more super long rides, just turn the corner and begin blasting away! Day 2 will see naval brigades posted in Oost and Vliss so you can practice shooting down silly planes. Tankers Stadtkyll-Hallschlag will be open to tank battles with minimal cover! Or you can be sneaky and take one of the out of the ways forests and flank your adversaries. Day 2 will see Remagen-Unkel opened to hill fighting and close ranged tank battles. Combined Arms Combined arms surprise for day three!
  3. This. You can't just put a few lines of code and get either. It'd require a whole rewrite of the entire game, which if you're going to do that you might as well just reboot the game in general and upgrade everything. Of course, it'd require nothing short of massive financial resources to do it and that is something the Rats do not have.
  4. I can help with that, need to know which TS server you use (Either here or in a PM) though since there are a million out there.
  5. teFzyFfe-tY Andre approuvé!
  6. It's all about the medication they give me to endorse this squad.
  7. Je ne peux pas parler français, que dois-je faire?
  8. At this rate I'll have to consider setting up an Allied TS3 server.
  9. Yea, no matter what, it boils down to money. The only exceptions are the lowballed by a mid-major manufacturer diamond-in-the-rough video cards and RAM sticks. But those are fairly few and far between now. I mean, some bored no lifers are going to super overclock and use a $4000-$5000 computer and liquid nitrogen to win the whole thing anyway.
  10. "I spent more money than you, nyah nyah!" is what it boils down to.
  11. I had to work at the last minute, I was unhappy.
  12. Oh, they are very much aware it is WWII, I can promise you that.
  13. Stuka for me.