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  1. I actually had a nice, scathing but as fair as it can be wall of text written out directed toward CRS as a response. But I decided against it, as it simply isn't worth the time to finish.
  2. Having run into this God forsaken bug more than I'd ever like to, I can tell you which planes it affects definitely and even what it may be: Allied planes: All of them for certain except the Dewo, I never had it happen in one because I rarely fly one and cannot say for certain. H81 and H87 seem especially prone. Axis Planes: Rare but all of them except 110 and Stuka, never seen them for the same reason as the Dewo. What I think may be the problem: Convergence setting. Setting convergence may be what is causing it, this may be why I very rarely saw it happen in a 109 since I never bothered with convergence settings there but with Allied planes I always changed it and experienced it there an order of magnitude more.
  3. Don't forget surround sound speakers that have have a headphone jack built into the speakers themselves and if you use a headset without surround support gives you a magnificent engine mute bug.
  4. It affects all planes, although it seems it affects Allied rides more than Axis but it does happen to both. I've been on the training server with people cursing this bug, got it about once every five sorties and a couple unfortunate times, two or three times in a row.
  5. It happens and gets fixed occasionally.
  6. Big giant picture there, you even quoted it. What other possible reason could a GE be placed in that spot, in that way during a pre-camp be other than an exploit of the FB not destroying PPOs like it's supposed to? There was no ATG, no nothing inside of it.
  7. I wasn't online when it happened any other time or I'd have reported this sooner but others have said this isn't the first time. It's CLEARLY deliberate by the placement and the tactics used (Place GEs in front of Vehicle spawn and in inf tents during pre-camp. People come to spawn in and can't do anything and it's sapped back)
  8. Correct, there have also been other incidents at other FBs of this occurring.
  9. Recently Axis have been using a cute trick to pre-camp FBs: Setting up PPOs on the future tent sites to prevent spawning. I'm going to assume this is not intended.
  10. I miss them as well, never understood why they were removed, they looked great and let you know you hit. I also miss the old tracers from aircraft, made air combat look sexy.
  11. 17 pounder vs Tiger at 1.5 km Frontally Right side of tank (From tanks perspective) hitting just to the left of the tracks. Just curious why it flames/detonates, not actually registering a complaint. I suspect it's the ammo cooking off but it'd be cool to see a definitive reason.
  12. Gotta be super duper special.
  13. I've always suspected the AI flak of being a cause (but not a definitive one) of several problems: Stutters MRP (Getting shot down by flak used to be an automatic MRP for me) Falling through the Earth