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  1. that picture is historically innacurate, they were never used on tripods, they were only ever used one handed as the soldiers ran into bulding at full speed spraying in every direction.
  2. love the time zone thing on your website. really nice touch, and handy.
  3. the rifles we use are far more har hitting, have a longer range, and faster reload spead, even compared to the 95th's standards. the axis column would colapse at the first british volly. a better reanactment would be rorks drift, 70 odd brit rifles vs 3000 axis with knives. of course your idea could have the americans playing the prussians which would be pure win.
  4. it's the sort of idea i wish i had thought of. will be following it with interest.
  5. as jon said it does limit you to a few weapons and disables capturing. you dont need a credit card to play, i use paypal to pay my subscription. so if you can get a paypal account you can just use that. (you will need a bank account to use paypal, which i assume you have ) hope that helps
  6. yeah its a bit buggy at the mo, but they should have it in decent working order soon, once they do you will realise that you are actually very lucky. (although i do agree is a bit crpa you already have lost a few days of play) you will get to play intermission which means you can try out all kinds of equipment that you wouldn't normally play in free trial (ie its all unlocked at the minute so ranking up isn't required to play with certain toys.) then there will be a special event which will draw a lot of players in, so it should be a real blast. and time permitting you will be able to sample part of the regular campaign. and remeber there is always going to be a free mode on the game, so if your still not sure after your trial, you can hae a go on that, you only get to play as a rifle but its still a good way to get to see some of the game and find out if it is the thing for you.
  7. my fave user name i ever saw was 'sausages' Killed by: Sausages.
  8. yeah might have to buy it myself look at the price. it seemed to have got some bad reviews, but i rember it being very good.
  9. you should check this out quite a good series
  10. a rifle bullet can certainly go through more than one enemy body, not sure about a freindly player. i dont think you can use your freinds corpse as cover though, its not very respectfull either.
  11. oh no sorry i meant optik. i was in a pak 36 and he killed me as i tried to take him on frontally, which was a mistake looking back. no worries about being allied, i have always played allied, this is my first time playing axis, fancied a change.
  12. i seem to remember you mentioning this ages ago, id certainly be interested in joining a small squad like this. noticing though that you killed me last night in a matty, i guess you are playing allied this time round, hopefully i will catch you on the axis side next camp and i will give you a shout. (also need to get my axis rank up for the sniper rifle.)
  13. as i said in my post they are only affected in the game.