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  1. My alt is actualy BMBM LIES
  2. Delems over rated and not worthy Dfire is awful. Only good player in that list is bludngut LIES
  3. Force 10 from Navarone !! is a must see. Ordered the army guy set from JC Penney catalog one summer..12 weeks it took! We need a mission like this!! LIES
  4. Take Green Tags out of spawn delay equation. LIES
  5. Don't be a stat hero hater. Trim you TOM and get some. Matamor keep up the good work. Plain and simple we need more matamorian play LIES
  6. Benedict Dwalin LIES
  7. Still waiting... La Fluer did you send thru pony express from Kazakstan? LIES
  8. maybe have a 50/50 sell 10$ lottery tickets. 1/2 goes to CRS 1/2 goes to free subs. OHHH YAAAAA free slim jims for everyone. LIES
  9. Canuk doesn't like bush at all. He is well..full of pride. LIES
  10. Rebel doesn't cheat he is just good..well at flying atleast. When flying the ground cover doesn't fill in as fast. You usual get a moment where you see unit with no cover as terrain is building. This has happened historically. When it happens to me I don't ignore any targets..I KEEL DEM. So in closing yes Rebel sucks at Inf but he can fly no doubt. He isn't cheating..just playing what the game gives him. His Inf skills prove he doesn't cheat LIES
  11. When the winter returns..the knee shall be bent! Summertime has me busy! I appreciate people wondering why I am not playing as much. XOXO miss you all. If it cools down I will sit inside and whoop your arses. LIES
  12. Well Played! Keep up the good fight! LIES
  14. You sons of binches are lucky its summer time. Proper 12 whoopins would be had for all. LIES
  15. JT037 will be jealous of JT0037. LIES