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  1. As the Axis Cinc for last 5-6 campaigns seems you have missed a section in forums. This is the section you award Axis hero type awards. Thank you Bondpaul for being such a roll model. La Fluer you are on notice LIES Ps Kjellf is the kind of Cinc who treats everyone special.
  2. I can smell AEF tuna a mile away. LIES
  3. Were is Mo Sandiego? I will get him! LIES
  4. LE SIGH! Truce is not acceptable. Axis win! Allied historically crumble after Antwerp and Brussels. Allied should be embarrassed to even accept anything but a loss. LIES
  5. Someone needs to invite this Bungford to ww2online. I want to kick his [censored]! I personally invite him to grow a pair of nuts, manscape his face and try playing against real axis opponent. Maybe he is just what allied need? LIES
  6. NERDS! I mean NUTS LIES
  7. Apology accepted LIES
  8. Over compensators LIES
  9. Le Sigh..Didnt we just meet in Brussels CP? and how did my rifle do? #CARE LIES
  10. Why not compensate the starting side with more towns after a string of campaign losses. Let Losing HC pick 10 towns to start with on front lines More towns with a string of losses. 2 stabs worth.. LIES
  11. I thought the idea was to have inf rifles not be able to kill armor. The BAR can easily kill the 232 frontally at a couple hundred meters. Easier than an ATR it seems. Once BAR is in play the 232 is one plink and dead. If the BAR no change than Axis needs Inf weapon that can stop light armor. LIES
  12. Merlin if you doubt it lets me and prove the theory. It happens and yes at 200m. Just happened in montrieul(sp). The whole historical part is bull[censored]. You can land a grenade in m10..but not with the invisible shield. The purpose of not having inf kill light armor had nothing to do with historical correctness. Yet the BAR can because it could historically. Ironic. LIES
  13. So when are we getting the Auction House? LIES
  14. I personally loved the Inf set FMS with sapper and shrek/zook. Oh the fun. ...and the column dies again Soon as DO set..walk out fru..wait for the AEF donkey train..giggles. So from a fun for me perspective bring it back For a best for game perspective use it within the limits of BALANCE LIES
  15. I like the covert ops side of fms. The stealth chance to surprise all your frenemies. The HC only setting option is awesome..maybe let mapoic be allowed as well. Keeps the mission to objective from command perspective. Rifles - great Lmgs 2 Smgs 2 DLC Smgs 2 That might be enough to ninja a cp. Not enough to hold much for to long. If you add the tank killing aspect to this style fms the inbalance with be great. LIES
  16. No Change = No Solution LIES
  17. Players need to change the way they play. Allied over reacts with a little ews(Axis only gave 2-3 players to 2nd AOs). Some players are strictly defensive players. Vets, on offense, want this slow paced set and move 10 feet. Get a sniping spot and work stats up. Players have played the same spots for last 20 yearzzz. Playing against vets who don't change play style only makes it easier for Axis. Changed tactics would greatly help. You cant win being a defensive specialist! Its a video game, take a chance, challenge other players. Let HC try aggressive moves...what could it possibly hurt. Stop the big operations to SC 20 towns. Winning the map isn't more important the having huge fun battle. Win by winning not by monster time sink to capture non battle towns. Everyone wants their easy button, but you wont win sitting still on defense. Allied player base doesn't need Axis squad to come run map for them. They know how to win, its their problem to get organized and change. RATS playing the losing side might be a good start to guide this process. LIES ps Why not draft sides like fantasy ww2 football. Blend the PB see if you can make some new connection between players.
  18. Is it possible to change town layout? Players can predict were other side is going to set up. Specifically move position of abs and cps. Spread out or shrink footprint. I have seen some new outer buildings. That's a nice start but more can be done with this concept. I am sure some new creative placements could entirely change AOs. Especially on opening battle towns. Player base is on auto pilot when hunting EFMS. Might shake some things up with tools that exist. LIES
  19. My Idea of fun is having Kjellf lead our squad! LIES
  20. K98 is in Style! Always available! LIES
  21. West Coast fine Dining. Its gonna be Awesome. LIES
  22. Rumor is Mingus taking whole Axis side to Sizzler if we win LIES
  23. The basic equipment wins! SKILLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ add an AD each time ftp dies! LIES
  24. as the leader of FHREE TO PLAY I will added my 2 cents. The basic rifle is best weapon in game. Top Killer as ftp has proven this. The current HE round can kill light tanks. With New TOE there is many more DAC and Panny targets. You can help attack FB as Rifleman. Opel is now an option. FTP auto exists. Two things I feel could help FTP - More run stamina with basic rifle, Rifle should be fasts shouldered weapon 2nd HE satchel to assist fb attacks. Maybe some better info to F2P players on how to play - not text - video or pictures. So the only beef ftp can have is I cant kill a campin bad do you want to kill him? LIES ps IF balance sides is your deal.. get 10 guys who don't care about axis/allied blah blah and have them play as low pop. No coding needed I love a target rich environment!
  25. LOL Mingus was allied in 158!!! BTW who had the most Bomber Kills? LIES