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  1. West Coast fine Dining. Its gonna be Awesome. LIES
  2. Rumor is Mingus taking whole Axis side to Sizzler if we win LIES
  3. The basic equipment wins! SKILLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ add an AD each time ftp dies! LIES
  4. as the leader of FHREE TO PLAY I will added my 2 cents. The basic rifle is best weapon in game. Top Killer as ftp has proven this. The current HE round can kill light tanks. With New TOE there is many more DAC and Panny targets. You can help attack FB as Rifleman. Opel is now an option. FTP auto exists. Two things I feel could help FTP - More run stamina with basic rifle, Rifle should be fasts shouldered weapon 2nd HE satchel to assist fb attacks. Maybe some better info to F2P players on how to play - not text - video or pictures. So the only beef ftp can have is I cant kill a campin bad do you want to kill him? LIES ps IF balance sides is your deal.. get 10 guys who don't care about axis/allied blah blah and have them play as low pop. No coding needed I love a target rich environment!
  5. LOL Mingus was allied in 158!!! BTW who had the most Bomber Kills? LIES
  6. I cant wait to kill some axis...maybe Tuesday or Weds is my guess. THE NILY S! LIES
  7. Lets take this moment to thank the Rats for finally getting a new patch and quit smoking. On a serious note lets all vote on when you think the campaign will be playable. 1) Friday 9/4 by 5:00pm CST 2) Saturday 9/5 by 5:00pm CST 3) Sunday 9/6 by Noon 4) Soon Thanks and Vote away. I will keep a live tally with updates. OH TOOODLES, THE NILY S! LIES
  8. GSC you must vote for one of the 4 following. I will add you to the SOON vote. GSC for SOON EDIT: DUE to GSC not paying and only playing FTP. His vote has been eliminated. THE NILY S! LIES
  9. Are we there yet? I WILL PEE ON SOON THE NILY S! LIES
  10. I would award this map to axis..allied getting our arse kicked. Axis HC is got their player base on full speed ahead. Been a total face roll for team ALLIED. I would say the AXIS steam roll would be winning at this point in the game. Also take into consideration server timing. By the time server is up, TZ3 will give axis 10-15 more towns before allied base plays prime time. THE NILY S! LIES
  11. I hope the servers will be up and working for tz3! THE NILY S! LIES
  12. Lol Canukfpl patch has a ghey rainbow and flaming sword up his hamsters ass. This game is awesome Carry On Hope your patch thingy helps you quit smoking THE NILY S! LIES
  13. I was AF camping(weird) one day with a 232. As I came back for 2nd or 3rd sortie at the AF runway. The was allied para plane all loaded up and taxing down runway. I changed ammo to HE and exploded the para plane..all killed. LOL Xoom was piloting and all paras we killed. THE NILY S! LIES
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