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  1. Dandare9 is an Axis Stud.

    He is one the players who can single handedly tilt a battle in favor of Axis.

    Determination and Skill is what Dandare9 is all about

    Few players, IMO, can stack up to Dandare9's play style

    He has had a lot on influence on how I play the game.




  2. Rebel doesn't cheat he is just good..well at flying atleast.

    When flying the ground cover doesn't fill in as fast.

    You usual get a moment where you see unit with no cover as terrain is building.

    This has happened historically.

    When it happens to me I don't ignore any targets..I KEEL DEM.

    So in closing yes Rebel sucks at Inf but he can fly no doubt.

    He isn't cheating..just playing what the game gives him.

    His Inf skills prove he doesn't cheat



  3. F2P are the worst.

    They run around and rule the game with rifles.

    Autos, Tanks and most Planes have no chance against such players.

    I think its time to punch these suckers were it hurts.

    No Bino

    No Stats

    No Mission

    2x Opel available

    2 shot rifle

    Spoon instead of knife (Possibly spork)

    PPO - Giant Yellow Picachu - no electricity

    Keyboard will not type the following four letters in chat N,O,O,B

    Only Squad available is Xooms

    Lastly a printable mandatory ftp pdf printable paper blindfold must be worn

    Lets get this figured out!

    Tar and Feather any free party riders!