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  1. Definitely not fun. Why didn't we try it out over the weekend during intermission?
  2. With the news release from Rat HQ today regarding the press towards Steam, I was caught off guard when they mentioned the possibility of multiple campaigns running simultaneously because player base would be too high for the server. While I'm all for lots more players this would concern me. It would be cool however if the other server were running a different theatre (ie Mediterranean etc.), but with the campaign times synced to each other and supply/outcomes affected each other. Of course this is dreaming but I guess I am trying to find ways to preserve what I find to be one of the best parts of this game... Single Persistant Map. Manhattan
  3. Ya, inf guarding CP's is the best way to rank air. You get extra points for guarding kills plus the points for CP recap.
  4. Hey Matt, right click on your desktop and bring up the Catalyst Control Centre. Click on the information tab at the bottom left, then confirm that the version is 14.501.1003-141120a-177998C. If not, hit the software update at the bottom of that tab. This fixed it for me thx to DM.
  5. Thought I was up to date... Clearly I wasn't. Updated ATI drivers also worked for me. Thanks DM. If you see me out there, I owe you a tow!
  6. I have this problem also. Did total reinstall still CTD on opening splash screen. Interestingly though, I applied 4g patch and now it still CTD's but brings up the close application window rather than going directly to desktop. I would like to play. Would be nice to find a fix for this. Perhaps a 64bit problem? Are others with problem 64bit?