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      Seeking Squad Leaders!   04/09/2017


      We are seeking Squad Leaders to volunteer their squads to help us test the upcoming Squad Forums system. This system will integrate squads who wish to participate into a self-sustained "forum within a forum." You will be able to add members to your squad, assign permissions, and create forums/calendar events on your own. The idea behind this system is part of our commitment to support squads as a integral part of our community. This service will be offered free of charge to all squads of World War II Online upon launch. Our goal is to offer all of the services a squad off-site forum can offer but free of charge and tied in to our existing forum service. So what do you need tested? We need willing volunteers to test the whole system - make forums, post threads, assign permissions, etc. The idea is to have several squads giving it a test run to point out any flaws before we launch it publicly. What are the requirements? We are ideally looking for medium to large squads - Ideally ten people or so plus, but smaller squads feel free to apply - and a willingness to use our platform. It's important to note (as of now - these may be included at a later date) we are unable to convert posts from a private forum if your squad previously used one, and you (or your XO's and recruiters) will need to assign individual members permissions. It is entirely possible that in the future this system will be automatically linked to the game's squad roster, but as of now developer priorities are elsewhere (1.37 and steam, w00t!) How do I sign up? PM me ( @Dodger ) on the forums, or email me at dodger@playnet.com - Please indicate your squad name and how many members you have. I will get back to you with more instructions.


      Recruiting drive.   04/16/2017

      With the anticipated influx of new players on the heels of this summer's Steam release, there is a reasonable expectation that forum traffic will increase. I'm looking for volunteers, not just to moderate, but to help answer new players' questions or direct them toward the correct answers. The forums may be a player's first contact with the game and we want to ensure that it is a positive experience. A happy player is a player who sticks around and the more new players we can retain, the more resources we will have for development.
      With that in mind, we are looking for current players with a positive attitude and posting history. PM me if you are interested.


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  1. Agreed, hate ai except AF AAA AI
  2. Like the idea of incentive to play underpop such as extra equipment for underpop ftp.
  3. We been asking for reduced cap timers but this takes the Pi**, think CRSdoing it to prove it is bad idea? Should maybe be 2 - 3 mins not 30 seconds
  4. Where my thread go @XOOM about reducing RDP times? How about take last 10 maps, how long it took and average it out, then divide by 4 to get how fast tiers should be ???? paying for 2 premium accounts here, and not even getting a full product from either due to map not getting past Tier 2 or pretty much over when it does.
  5. what utter nonsense, I Know quite a few lonewolves that are better single handed than some squads online. There's lonwolves that guard, there's lonewolves that mark, there's lonewolves whol will spawn atg and tow account and stop an enemy tank column from atttcking town, you just don't see it. there's lonewolves who just sap FB's, there's lonewolves that sap ET's and some AB cappers too. I see quite a few, and without them the side would lose all the time. Yes they may not accomplish a task as much as a squad, but they do all the little things in between.
  6. you do? 1 per minute i believe, unless that changed
  7. If they do Friday, they always do it late and ruin it for euro time, so would rather sooner, 4 days intermission is to long anyways.
  8. It's the truth though, don't give 2 F**ks about volunteers, we PAY for this S**T.
  9. I agree, they should probably mix supply, I like to use some British equipment over French, Mainly ATG's but rarely get the chance to use them.
  10. Never in the field of Gaming conflict was so much map movement owed by so many to so few.
  11. Happens a lot now, always slow to declare and switch for intermission, hopefully CP lag will be gone with Netcode 3, If I last that long
  12. I'd agree to fixing 1 track, as currently 1 track is not a kill, where as double tracked is, so shouldnt effect any stats or scoring, and it should take a decent amount of time.
  13. Can do even better, you can sit at map, and let AI fight AI
  14. die all the damn time to them