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  1. Number of FMS destoyed needs to be a stat and then a milestone for hitting so many, such as attack stopper, bunker buster, etc
  2. Basically a jack of all, master of none player ranking
  3. If worried about underpop side. make it so it takes longer to be able to cap originally for undepop side, from say 10 - 15 minutes? I rarely try and cap anymore, countless times, get a CP to 80% + just to die because the defender can respawn instantly on top of you. so what if more caps happen, more caps = more battles from spawnables, more kills = more fun. Faster cap timers also help underpop side lib the CP faster too.
  4. Well we did not change anything at CRS to the forums other then run the latest updated and guess what Invision changed how avatar photos are uploaded.
  5. Exactly what delems said, used to be 1 minute, then 8, that was an 800% increase. It wasn't a problem when it used to be a minute so what if some depot's get ninja capped, still get 10 minutes warning, still have EWS, still have 10 minutes for bunkers, docks, AB, AF etc, this won't lead to Ninja capping of towns, It WILL Create more fights and MORE kills as people will be able to get into town, It also makes it easier to lib a town too. I don't see the problem, just test it in smaller increments if you must, I'm sorry Xoom but it seems you want everything your way, You may ask for idea's and input etc on facebook and Teamspeak but you seem to just dismiss idea's that you do not like, just because you don't like it doesn't mean ohers won't.
  6. If it ain't broke don't fix it comes to mind
  7. Mine says same as lipton, I know I have one, bit when I click that Icon, it only says no phote as an option, so I would be unable to change it now.
  8. Looking to upgrade myself soon, considering Ryzen, maybe waiting for the 4 cores to come out as I'm waiting on the new Vega GPU release to, roughly the same time I think, Iv'e been with intel forever, but willing to give AMD a try, give intel a kick up it's complacent butt.
  9. And not with this crappy predictor code either
  10. Go to NVIDIA Control Panel Click on Manage 3D Settings Look for CUDA - GPU's Select your graphics card and make sure intel on board graphics is not selected
  11. It's not as simple as 90-10 split in manpower What good is allocating a graphics designer onto network coding, he wouldn't have a clue what to do. Most staff are volunteers and do what they are good at, so development in certain things will go faster where there is increased VOLUNTEER manpower with that particular skill set. CRS Know lag is very important, but if they only have 1 guy able to work on it, then it takes as long as it takes him to do it, But they have said it is being worked on as part of netcode 3 ( UDP instead of TCP etc )
  12. It wasn't more FPS when we originally had 1 minute cap timers, there was nothing wrong with it then. I'm not asking for 1 minute timers now, Parasit's option seems a good balance.
  13. I have nothing against reduced timers for underpop side. It's in general, Balanced sides, Its very hard to cap a town, A defender can spawn with no SD and be back at the CP in 15 seconds, Minimum 350 - 400m FMS Distance takes minutes to travel. Like explained above, I don't think it's working okay, 18 Hours without being able to take a town because it is very hard to cap in these situations id not okay, it's broken, without a sense of achievement for alot of dedication to playing, then why should I even bother playing? which leads to why should I even bother paying? I seriously considered at the end of that ( Mostly Balanced Population ) Day of un subbing both my accounts, That's not what a day of gaming should feel like, and I guess when we get to steam, other players won't even stick around even that long.
  14. longer cap timers are reducing fun I know, here comes the ' cap as a team posts' The game doesn't have the population to do all the things these posters say need to be done Tanker got sapped, poster says "get someone to guard", FB got blown, "get someone to guard" CP needs capping, "cap as team" need CAS, get some planes CAS needs protection "get fighter protection" need protection from CAS, "get AAA deployed" etc, etc We simply do not have the numbers for all this 18 hours Yes 18 hours i played the other day with mostly balanced population and not 1 Hard AO was capped during that time, this kills the fun of the game and makes you not want to play, this is not a one off, most of the time this game doesn't move ( Minus TZ3) Supply needs to be reduced, Flag timers increased, Cap Timers reduced, Towns need to be easier to cap somehow for both sides, games need to have a sense of achievement, at the beginning it's getting that first kill, then it's ranking up to get new weapons etc, then its maxing out rank, after that there is nothing left other than to win/cap a town , when that does not happen, what is the point in continuing?
  15. Not a video but here's a guide