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  1. Agreed. We not at 5 SO population anymore, need to be lowered back to pre pre steam release levels.
  2. Same. And I use it alot when play allied.
  3. The only way is up
  4. Because of them being used for CAS which 111 is not to great at.
  5. Think should probably start next map wherw previous left off. As when you ever do get to tier 3 the map ia pretty much over anyway so not a true reflection of the abilitiea of the equipment. Start of a map in tier 2 would be awesome.
  6. Make it so flags can't move into contested towns or Ao'd towns in the meantime then. Do that and I will go from unsubbed to builder I refuse to play for hours upon hours to attack a town by combined arms and lots of numbers to be saved by 1 guy right clicking and warping a fresh new army into said town.
  7. Still gives the advantage to db7. More so with ads manipulation because of the extra speed. And all this requires numbers. Which as of late this game is few of
  8. Problem with 111 is speed and survivability. Atleast with db7 you have a chance.
  9. This would probably be enough. Probably alot easier than removing flags too.
  10. Good luck with your endeavours delems. I feel they are falling on deaf ears mind. I do agree supply is way to much, and smg's also way to much.
  11. It's still not reliable doing after dragged map abit. Sometimes take 2 or 3 goes
  12. Haha what an star. Also i' D imagine more would join simply for the uniforms I liked those uniforms. Would love hunting enemy HC
  13. As above 10 out of 12 can be split to less than 5 in a row. W W W W L W W W D WWW (example)
  14. I think if they reduced supply, made it so flags can't instantly warp into a contested town then most arguing for flag removal would quiet down. Attrition needs to be viable. Nothing worse than attacking town for 4 hours from multiple links just to have instant army of fresh troops spawn in.
  15. No he was on about a time some years ago
  16. Yes they were full of comms when asking for $$$. Now nothing. A change of timers and a kick into long grass of everything that was promised. Getting to a point where I think the game would be better off just dieing so we can all just move on and stop throwing $$ at a dead horse.
  17. No it does not. But it would be bad business model to cater to the lower end of the populace. For the game to survive it needs to go in the direction of the many not the few. Clearly the many want rid of flags,and some have already voted with their wallets
  18. This entire thread is capo vs everyone else.
  19. I had 2 accounts going. Both unsubbed. Will not be subbing till they prioritize flag removal. Kicking it in the long grass was a [censored] move.
  20. I wouldn't even remove destroyers. Navy vs navy. But each deep sea harbour would have to be of equal distance from the target. So a defending force could not keep spamming DD'd from 2km away whilst attackers have to sail 30
  21. oh look, another campaign without Tier 2 & 3, CRS going to start refunding half a sub cost for half a game?
  22. With the amount of supply and the timers reduced van at 100% ROD damage the effect it will be minimal.
  23. Supply should of been cut in half, NEVER think before changes are made do they.
  24. Profile pic changed to gravatar, need to sign up to that , signature you can drag and drop in. for sig, go top right of screen, click name, go to account settings/ signature