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  1. I'll be in game tomorrow...
  2. *Looks around, sees the old Nicks...* I see that the Old Squad is still in working order... Must change that. (Kidding) !S From me. Good to see that you all are still moving Mud, kicking [censored], and taking names!
  3. !S all SteelyDan Reporting as ordered. Started Aug. 2010 (Currently on a extended break....) Last played 2014? Side played, Axis. Member of Blitzkader.
  4. Bump from an "Old Man"
  5. You left???? kidding, welcome back, and Thank you. ~S~
  6. New Year Bump!!! Show us what you have, ingame, and Join us!
  7. Ironman, Look at the Nick! Slap a HG, in front, and a 68 in back! Oh, and this... S1YYPb9cHpU Good to see you, sir! ~S~
  8. Sorry, Ironman, no... Did you play Fighter Ace, years ago?
  9. Tuesday Bumpage!
  10. Monday Bumpage!
  11. Are you getting "WWIIOL Stopped Working" Window? Because I'm getting that a lot!
  12. Bump and Grind.... +1 if you get the reference...
  13. Wait, what???
  14. A SteelyDan Bump... <---Former FF Squaddie! ~S~