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  1. I am back last played in March started in 2010.SQUADS you name it I' ve been in it from 19 RAF to Chaps now I have join 4wing
  2. :cool:If you fly then check out us
  3. check us out too we have large number of Brits in are squad.
  4. If you are looking for air join the Badgers we are on ailled ts air most nights .
  5. Good luck if you need air support let us know
  6. Back off dipstick the only true Allied airsquad look us up
  7. I am trying everthing I can to get new players to join are squad todays CANNNON FODDER TOMORROWS TOPGUN .
  8. Can you fly. how many hours on Spits
  9. don ,t fly with jg51 then fly with us 19RAF are always looking for new pilots Take a look at this it may help
  10. Join 19 Squadron RAF Interested in Joining 19 RAF? Start a new Thread here with your game name, timezone (e.g GMT/Euro/US) an idea of your skill level (e.g complete beginner, grizzled old ace etc) and a little about yourself and a recruiter will be along to arrange a session with you and hopefully welcome you into 19 Squadron RAF!
  11. Try are squadron if it does get of the ground