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  1. Yeah, I knew about that one for map data. I'm not seeing the CSR data in the JSON/XML api. Is it not documented in resources?
  2. Is there one? if not, it would be nice to have a REST API to pull the various pages on stats in an easy to consume data format.
  3. Why not just use AWS S3 or cloudflare? Those are both rocket fast and geographically scalable.
  4. That's a good point. I'm not suggesting that the efficiency metric is just map mover divided by TOM. A big problem with the map mover score is that an efficient capper who moves about and caps 3 CPs, then gets gunned down without scoring a kill, gets 0 map mover score. Maybe make that last term (1 + K/D), or only scale the kills by K/D, but the current map mover score is punitive if you can't rack up K/D.
  5. One thing the squad tools ranking (and the calculations there that come from CSR) doesn't account for is squad size. What about a squad efficiency metric that is something like map mover score for the campaign divided by the total of squad time on mission for the campaign? It basically gives a metric for how much a squad does with each man-hour or man-minute the members are active. I may be wrong, but I think there's a fair amount of skew to the existing metric, and this would normalize for squad size. Commence the banter!
  6. So, when the underpop side places an AO then the timers in that town are 1 minute for all. But, when the overpop side places an AO, then the timers in that town are normal for all? Or do you mean all timers are 1 minute for everyone?
  7. So, wait... One side caps the CP in one minute, but to recap, the other side needs the usual time? That's tilting the tables pretty hard. Methinks no.
  8. Or, an engineer with a couple gun emplacements.
  9. Sounds like there needs to be a rear side berm with chicanes so the spawners can stand a chance. Will be a lot of fun setting gun emplacements to distract from the new fru.