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  1. hey bus think were pretty well balanced this map but at the end there will be side switchers to the win side. sigh
  2. found the fix need the latest c++++ download from Microsoft guys worked for me I had the 2015
  3. I looked again and found it but still cant download same problem
  4. need a fix or ill be out myself anyone got any ideas?
  5. I did but cant find it
  6. cannot get in game now any way to fix this dill thing tried everything
  7. im all for that I like swiching it up but not once have I switched mid way thru as some do so yes ip addy should be the lock.
  8. congrats guys well deserved
  9. gret work and well deserved
  10. not sure if this proper spot for this but. my question is why do I now get a black screen for 3 to 5 sec when switching to my other account? not very happy with that as I like blowing fbs up and every second counts now as everyones looking for damage. is this going to be the norm now crs/
  11. very nice waznot. I can barely get a plane off the ground congrats
  12. sorry I missed this thread de4. you need to do as doctor requests next few months and I'm a strong believer in excersize if you can. will talk in game and god bless
  13. would of liked to see this
  14. R.i.p.
  15. me and jvr were on fb bust yesterday and he could not see mission and for a bit i saw2 veh tents lol and know i was smokin nothing