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  1. ill be there
  2. sorry I missed this thread de4. you need to do as doctor requests next few months and I'm a strong believer in excersize if you can. will talk in game and god bless
  3. would of liked to see this
  4. R.i.p.
  5. i fried my 450 ge force ill be off till probably thursday. im using onboard video for emaill ect but cant game with onboard. does anyone know of galaxy cards? ive purchased a Galaxy 52GPS4HX2LXX GeForce GT 520 PCIe 2.0 x16 Video Card w/ 2GB any input will be helpful i here were kickin ass salute all
  6. i accidently joined all 4 squadron 1 button and i was joined lol. anyway i need to take that off as my new squad from fighter ace is about to begin in battleground we will go as farefugees. plzz can someone tell me how to quit? thanks