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  1. I use the same joystick and "had" the same problems....dont know for sure what fixed it but it works fine now....the game still doesnt recognize the joystick but still runs it?????? how is that possible?
  2. I recently purchased a new pc running windows 7 64bit. The joystick a used to use was a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, and it worked fine on Vista. Couldnt get it to work on windows 7. So i went out and bought a Thrustmaster T-Flight joystick. Windows recognizes it fine. I calibrated it and it seems to work fine. When I come in the game it doesnt seem to pick it up. I hit the let game recoginize and it says that it has been reset but still doesnt pick it up. Any idea whats going on?
  3. so not 1 person with any answers? Not even CRS? come on guys....need some help
  4. I just purchased a new system, well used but new to me. I cant seem to get the game to recoginize my joystick now. Its a Logitec Extreme 3DPro and worked fine on old system. I can get into the game and play inf with the mouse but game doesnt recoginize the joystick. Any Help? BTW Im running windows7 .
  5. same here....126 after about 1 min in game and CRS hasnt even responded to our calls for help on this? seems like they have a new bug to "work out" everyday. Ive had nothing but problems since the new release and I was just auto re-subbed with even knowing.
  6. ty all for the info...just went into game, played for about 1/2 hr in a town with heavy action, game played great until I closed the game out and it freezes up, well if my pc isnt good enough to run the game, time to go, I dont have the money for any upgrades or a new pc. been great fun and if I ever get back on my feet I might come back in....take care all...S!
  7. I get the following reports from Game Booster Diagnose Report Application Error Faulting applications nvcplui.exe, version 3.9.731.0, time stamp 0x4e991doe, faulting module unknown System Restore Failed to create restore point on volume (Process = C:\PROGRA~1\CRS\BATTLE~1\DATA\DIRECT~1\DXSETUP.exe ; Description = axzu; Hr = 0x80070057 VSS Volume Shadow Copy Service error : unexpected error querying for the IVssWritercallback interface Dont know what any of the means but it comes up everytime after a crash
  8. I just uninstalled my graphics driver and reinstalled it....gonna give it a far as the other drivers they should all be up to date
  9. Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00pg AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 3800 4 GB RAM 1.3 GB used, 5.5 GB available Directx 11 NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Display Memory - 2286 MB Adapter RAM - 1 GB Total Memory - 4 GB Free Memory - 1.67 GB Total Pagefile - 6.21 GB Free Pagefile - 4.62 GB Speed - 667 MHZ TOtal Width - 64 Bits Capacity - 2.0 GB Network addapter - DLink DWA-552 Xtreme Desktop Adapter
  10. I have sent the specs on my system to support dozens of times and I dont even get a response from them. Not sure how to do it here on the forums. I have been told I have a weak system compared to the ones most people run on this game, but it has worked fine for a year and a half up until now.
  11. This has been going on for almost 3 weeks now. I cant play the game for more than a few mins at a time and then I get a bluescreen and have to reboot my pc. I know I dont own a high dollar gaming pc, but it worked fine up until the new release. I have sent dozens of system reports into support and have not even had one response from them. I just want to know if my pc is good enough to run the game now, is it on my end or your end that the problems are? My 6 month sub is up in a few days and if I cant play the game there is no sense in paying for it. I have talked to squad m8s about this and they say if I leave they will follow to a different game as well. I dont want to do this. The game is great fun, but if I cant play, Im not paying.
  12. OS-Windows Vista Home Premium Version-6.0.6000 Build 6000 Sys Manufacturer- Compaq-Presario Sys Model- GC667AA-ABA SR5130NX Sys Type- X86 based PC Processor- AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2000 Mhz Bios - Phoenix Technolgies LTD 5.14 5/2/2008 SMBIOS - 2.4 Boot Device - Device\HarddiskVolume1 Total Physical Memory - 3069.69 MB Available Virtual Memory - 6.18 GB Available Virtual Memory - 5.19 GB Page File Space - 3.29 Gb Nvidia GeForce 9500GT game card Well hope this help. I never had any problems before the new release and ever since my game has gone to hell and back.
  13. well I am in my 8th day of paying for a game that I cannot play. same problems as from day 1 of the new release. I have sent several emails to doc and smokeeye with system reports but have not heard anything back as of yet. Hopefully I hear SOMETHING before the 25th as that is the date of sub renewal. I have had so many crashes and hard reboots and I refuse to do it anymore. I know this is doing some damage to my pc. I will ck the forums and my emails daily to see if anything has been taken care of but I refuse to try and play while the game is in this state.
  14. What is LOD?? I cant fight in a large battle, my FPS goes to about 5 and in small battles Im fine
  15. I get the same thing....same message....and no one is telling us what the hell is going on with it