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  1. It was me, some 110 saved you! lol I had you in my sights then had to bail
  2. Yep, the response has been welcoming. Kinda tired of seeing only RAF squads and a complete lack of FAF organization. Although, we have a vichy version of the squad in the works aswell. S!
  3. Hello all! Looking to join a FAF squad but can't find any? Well, a new US based FAF groupe is forming! G de Chasse I / 3 "Nice Boys" flying french fighters! Vets and noobs welcome! If you are interested PM me or catch me in game or on TS! S! Thanks Volos
  4. Woot beervana! pdx ftw! Xoom dooooet!
  5. Sounds like a good plan. How about we meet at a pub? just throwin that out there... it is portland and seattle pastime...