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  2. My friend wants to join but dosent have a Credit Card that he can use. Is there any other way he can pay for this game? Thanks
  3. The Jäger Battalion Mitte unit is a squad of commandos, one of Germany's special forces squads. We are a new squad, and as of this post only have about 8 members. While our population is small, we are a very active squad. Alot of our squad members have just joined the game, but I have put them through training and they have become experienced. Every single member we have right now has participated in a squad-mission. Our squad nights are every Saturday night, but sometimes we have missions other days, too. JBM's CO, Sidekick (me) is on every weekend, and most week days. We offer training to any member who requests it, but as of now it is not required. I, as JBM's CO, have been quite impressed so far. Just today we stormed a town together (About 4-5 of us) and it was very fun. We all covered each other while we moved into the town one at a time. We took cover in a church and planned out the rest of our mission. We manged to get over 11 kills before we were all blown up when an atg fired upon our building. If you are interested in this type of play, or need someone to teach you the game, /m sidekick or flemish, or look for our squad flag. Thanks. (A website will come soon, after our squad grows.)
  4. As the time of this posting, PPOS are broken on the server. They do not appear after you build them. This is a game issue, not client side issue. Please go fix 'em, thanks.
  5. I keep seeing players appear and dissappearing. Like, Ill keep walking, then out of know where a freindly tank appears. I think one cause might be my internet connection which recently dropped to 2 bars for some reason, but is there another reason?
  6. I had anti analising set to x4... lol. Changing it helped a bit but still not a smooth as I would like
  7. I have a quad core 3.2ghz and a 9800gt, and the game still dosent run smoothly as i would like.. any suggestions or tips? ((one thing i was thinking about is buying 4more gb of ram (I have 4 right now) but I dont think that would make a big diffrence))