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  1. Point of view of 2nd Lieutenant Soaptavish we were not the first drop, From what i can remember, the city's South AB, a railstation, and the Argonne Depot were the only allied CPs left in the city when we dropped, we were about 10. when we arrived we formed a group of 6 at the North Army Base. when we reached capping it at half, the South Army Base was capped but neither matter since both the krauts and us (British) were using only paras. still, an AB is always important. the rest from the paradrop scattered south and so on, other groups were capping depots in the east side of town, there were about two men left from paradrop run before us. so after we finished capping the north AB we went to the depot next to it on the east/right. we capped it peacefully also, and as we capped it a friendly who went alone to the Argonne Depot died. so we knew there were ei there. unfortunatley we divided, as i told the group to come to argonne so we can kill off the EI there, 4 went to a northern depot, and me and 2 other men went to the Argonne Depot which was south of our position. i was about 30 seconds apart from the other 2 in distance. when i arrived at the argonne depot it was still being capped, looked into the windows and saw a light machine gunner camping the bottom room, i shot and saw him die, then saw another but went prone before he could shoot me, i ran out to cover, thinking there was more about to come out to shoot me, and 2 friendlies showed up, entered the cp (ei were still inside they did not chase me out) and there was one ei left which they killed. So we finished reseting argonne as i see one of my squadmates die in the N AB he was guarding, so my first thought is theres a group of 2 -3 ei there. as i tell the group to come to the N AB, they stayed inside, so i started my way to the N AB again, when i hear a k 98 go off near me, i thought i was dead, but he was shooting at a friendly who was still inside the CP, neither of them died, so the german mustve missed, i rushed to get a view of him and clipped him with the tommy gun. the friendlies still remain in argonne CP guarding, and do not accompany me to the N AB. so i hope the ei capping the AB are low quantity. i decide to camp the Depot we captured before the Argonne Depot becouse it was obvious they would strike there next. so that is what i did. and when the N AB was capped, a minute or so later i saw one lousy german enter the Depot i was camping at from a three story building waiting for a group of germans, so i storm the cp as fast as i can and luckily, he missed his rifle when he was camping the top floor, and with an smg i clipped him, and began to reset the CP. a friendly then came to my aid , we quickly reset the Depot. and then we decided to recap the North AB again. we capped the North AB peacefully, and i saw another friendly paradrop at the south of town. then the two friendlys who were in the argonne CP died, so we thought there was a large group of ei there, and we decided to camp the road and wait for them to cross it north from south after they finished capping the argonne depot. becouse they crossed the road too far from us we decided to count the weapons they were using instead of shooting, and 2 Riflemen crossed by, with a Light Machine Gunner. so we started to head to the Depot they started to cap, the same one i capped not long ago. to our surprise on the way there, the friendly that was with me got ambushed by a smg that did not see me due to an obstacle, so i used that obstacle to flank the ei hoping he was alone and kill him, which that was what i did. then becouse i was alone i knew if i stormed the CP with the other group of ei i was going to die, if i was lucky i would kill one or two of the group. so i camped the passageway between the depot and the N AB hoping they would go to the N AB when they were done. and thats what they did, the passageway was a forest, so i hid in the bushes, then i saw the LMG pass by first, so i rush to take him out and i hear his riflemen teammember shoot at me, but missed, so i killed the LMG and hid back in the bushes, he was looking for me, i saw him walking around so i jumped up and clipped the kraut. and it was weird, since the ei that i killed who killed my friend earlier was a smg, but i counted 2 riflemen and a lmg, so there must be a riflemen still around here, so i was cautious to my approach to the CP, and as i rushed to a building near the cp i heard an ei riflemen shoot at me, and missed, he shot at me 3 times, first time he missed, the other two he shot at a wall he tried to shoot over but couldnt, i saw his shots landing at the same wall he was aiming over. so i quickly entered the building i was going to, hoping he would chase me so he did, i used the door infront of the building ( i entered through the back) to flank the riflemen and clipped him. and as i capped the CP back, a fellow paratrooper who dropped with me, Gatsby, helped me reset the CP. he told me he saw me kill the LMG and the Riflemen in the forest. And so after that we capped all the depots we lost to the ei i killed. we capped all the way to the city when we were beat by friendly paratroopers who dropped recently that capped the city. i checked the map and we liberated the city back to us, so we won, it was over. I counted killing 7 ei, though the debreifing said i only killed 6 and injured an SMG. weird.. saw him die..
  2. as my old squad will not be coming back for campaign 100, and they are inactive, i am looking for a new squad, i have played for about 5 years. obviously must be allied
  3. S!, seen you around, good soldier