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  1. Winner winner chicken dinner!
  2. Greetings all. I wanted to inform the squad. and the player base, that I'm going to go allied for a camp or two. To be clear this is not a "I'm ticked off" or anything like that. I played allied a long time before I came axis. I like to play both, but for complete campaign's. I hope no one will hold ill will. Also, I'll probably come back to axis after a camp or two. That keeps the game interesting and fresh for me. I hope I can hook up with the 91st when I do. What a great squad! Although I would never look at secure forums while playing the other side I understand if you want to remove my account form the squad site. And remove my access to axis secure, LOL though I hardly looked in there anyway. Anyway a big S! to the Axis. I hope to kill you in the morning. (Quick where's that line from?) And hello Allies! I hope I am received okay coming back allied for awhile. Your Friend and Foe, Traveler
  3. If I could edit/update my first post I would say, "My issue has been resolve by renewing my HERO account."
  4. I believe so. Since you mentioned the "fix" I have been able to log right in.
  5. I did. It was Xoom that responded to me here.
  6. I invite ALL who have to wait that 3 minutes to come add to this post EVERY time they're waiting, to share their thoughts. Spread the word. Okay XOOM, I took you're pro tip advice. I renewed my Builder account. You said that would allow me to log right in? NOPE! So I'm going to post here every time I have an extra 3 minutes
  7. I guess there may be an "up side" to all this.
  8. Yes! I am referring to that. Wish there was a way system could keep track of where you have been = "Oh, he's just login in for the first time today" etc. as apposed to “Hey he was just playing one side and now wants to jump onto the other.” For that I’d like to see 12 - 24 hour side lock. But that’s just me. Anyway, was just a little put off today by it.
  9. And then I get asked for more money once in the game? Sometimes I want to jump in the game real quick to see how it's going, but have to sit there for almost 3 minutes?!?!?!? I bit my lip for some time now, but today, well... here's the post!
  10. I had to use Chrome. That started the download.
  11. Words fail me…. My heart sank when I read the news. I had no idea, but I can understand why you kept it from us here in the game ( I do the same). Part of me wishes you didn’t, but I know how gloomy people can get when they hear such news of a friend. Every time I’m on the road and see a “train of trucks” being towed I think “Buckeyes”. I’m ruined for life. Especially now… My prayers go out for you, your family, and all those affected. Your Friend, Traveler
  12. Better yet use multi desktops = a 3 finger slide over to next desktop works fine.