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  1. Greetings all. I wanted to inform the squad. and the player base, that I'm going to go allied for a camp or two. To be clear this is not a "I'm ticked off" or anything like that. I played allied a long time before I came axis. I like to play both, but for complete campaign's. I hope no one will hold ill will. Also, I'll probably come back to axis after a camp or two. That keeps the game interesting and fresh for me. I hope I can hook up with the 91st when I do. What a great squad! Although I would never look at secure forums while playing the other side I understand if you want to remove my account form the squad site. And remove my access to axis secure, LOL though I hardly looked in there anyway. Anyway a big S! to the Axis. I hope to kill you in the morning. (Quick where's that line from?) And hello Allies! I hope I am received okay coming back allied for awhile. Your Friend and Foe, Traveler
  2. Winner winner chicken dinner!
  3. And then I get asked for more money once in the game? Sometimes I want to jump in the game real quick to see how it's going, but have to sit there for almost 3 minutes?!?!?!? I bit my lip for some time now, but today, well... here's the post!
  4. If I could edit/update my first post I would say, "My issue has been resolve by renewing my HERO account."
  5. I believe so. Since you mentioned the "fix" I have been able to log right in.
  6. I did. It was Xoom that responded to me here.
  7. I invite ALL who have to wait that 3 minutes to come add to this post EVERY time they're waiting, to share their thoughts. Spread the word. Okay XOOM, I took you're pro tip advice. I renewed my Builder account. You said that would allow me to log right in? NOPE! So I'm going to post here every time I have an extra 3 minutes
  8. I guess there may be an "up side" to all this.
  9. Yes! I am referring to that. Wish there was a way system could keep track of where you have been = "Oh, he's just login in for the first time today" etc. as apposed to “Hey he was just playing one side and now wants to jump onto the other.” For that I’d like to see 12 - 24 hour side lock. But that’s just me. Anyway, was just a little put off today by it.
  10. I had to use Chrome. That started the download.
  11. Words fail me…. My heart sank when I read the news. I had no idea, but I can understand why you kept it from us here in the game ( I do the same). Part of me wishes you didn’t, but I know how gloomy people can get when they hear such news of a friend. Every time I’m on the road and see a “train of trucks” being towed I think “Buckeyes”. I’m ruined for life. Especially now… My prayers go out for you, your family, and all those affected. Your Friend, Traveler
  12. Better yet use multi desktops = a 3 finger slide over to next desktop works fine.
  13. I use many waypoints with mac, however... Open map. Right click. Select "Add Waypoint" On the right, choose what type of WP you want, Attack, Rally, Mortar... Then, on the left, left click in the box for WP name. This will clear the WP name box. LEAVE BOX BLANK! Click OK. It will automatically name them in the order they are created for every WP = 1st Rally WP will be R1, second using the above sequence, will be R2 and on it goes. Best I could do for now. Cheers
  14. I just drove a 4D down to Charleville on a mission that I had up for some time. I had spawned a stug earlier and fought on west side. I then spawned a 4D drove to an east side cp and just as I parked to cut BAM! Cell Host! Then when I tried to the spawn a 232 I got msg that said mobile spawn is no longer available. What the heck it that? FB was fine. I still had a fru out there that was fine. And what would a mobile spawn have to do with a 232??? I couldn’t spawn anything. Reboot ☹ This has happened several times since the update for me. Cell host right at a critical moment of engagement. I’m just a little pissed off at the moment. Thus my venting post. Just curious, anyone else having this issue? BTW, my connection was stable on my end. FYI I am on a MAC. If it matters for this issue? Maybe someone can help me understand why I would get a cell host at all.
  15. Over the hill and through the woods.... Shhhhhh. be berry berry quiet...
  16. I know there is info posted on other threads like: however this is the Mac Support section, so... As of this post they are concentrating on getting the campaign server up and running. The beta server works for windows users only at this time. They have several dedicated people working on the Mac client. Once the campaign server is live (for windows) the Mac client will follow "shortly" thereafter. I would like to humbly suggest updates for Mac users get a post here in the support section since this is where most may start for answers (especially new users to the forums). It's okay to ask us to be patient. But I also think it's okay to ask for an update at the very least every 24 hours. I usually pop into Teamspeak and ask around, but I'm sure that gets old for both the asking party and CRS guys. Maybe I'm out of line for this post, that's not my intention. Only wanting a one stop shop for Mac users to get news while we are anxiously waiting to get back in the game. I would also humbly suggest that people would reframe from "commenting" or going into "discussion mode" here. Please limit it to mac update news only please. Sincerely, Traveler ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  17. Saw this just now in another thread
  18. That's good to know. I'm on a MacBook Pro and tried it in 2010 and it sucked. I discovered that the bootcamp side of things was not able to use all the processor resources. However, on an iMac you've got a bit more power. I'm going to look into it since you are able to run it fine. Do you happen to use the TS overlay?
  19. The problem with bootcamp is resources. It's better to partition drive and set up a duel boot system = boot up OS X or Windows = all resources will be available.
  20. I'm guessing within the next 24-48 hours? But I'm not really the one to ask. And no CRS is responding to this thread.
  21. Me? Real world? Taiwan. In game Antwerp… It was an eerie silence interrupted by the pop of AA trying to shoot down the JU I just jumped out of on the NW edge of Antwerp just south of the NW docks. Ant had been cut off from the allied line and a few of us were jumping in to cap. My assignment, only given to me as we approached the target… “You’ll be jumping alone at WP **** (sorry classified). Cap the docks! AND DON”T DIE!” That was the order. I’m okay with it. But there were only 7-8 of us on the flight. I thought we were going together. Got to give it to the pilot. He got everyone to their JP on all sides. Well, I managed to get in and cap everything there at the NW docks without getting shot by the AI. Then had to log for work. The next day is when the hell started. The long anticipated patch, update, new hardware, and whatever else they had to do. At first we all could log into the beta server. At least we could scratch the itch. But by Friday, for us mac’ies anyway it was TUEL time. But something cool happened in the midst of it all. The axis TS lobby began to fill up with guys from both sides. It was like those stories where you here about the soldiers on all sides during WWII taking a break during the war at Christmas to share a drink and sing silent night. An almost supernatural civility from the insanity. At first there was all the inquiry about the server etc. etc. But then… We just started hanging out and talking. I met guys I “know” and have played with, but then, at that moment… Let me put it this way, when I see them again in game (hehe if I can ever get back in, I’m joking I’m sure it will be “soon” dare I say it? Jesus said He would be back soon too!) I’ll remember “UPDATE WEEKEND” 2015! I’ll remember where I was. That hour + just hanging out on TS with some really cool people, on both sides. Not to mention listening to o’l Zeke tell story after story. That was really cool. I’m calling him the “Oracle” now hehe. As I write, it's Sunday morning, the server is still not up, for mac guys anyway. But in a way, while yes I’ve been a little frustrated I can’t play, I would not trade those moments (hours) on TS, undistracted by a current objective, making a little deeper connection with my fellow players of WWIIOL, probably if not THE greatest, one of the greatest communities in the gaming world. I S! you guys. Not that some didn’t “whine”, but most didn’t. They had an enduring patience for CRS to figure it out. I mean we all knew what a monumental task they were dealing with. When CRS guys came on channel all you heard was “thanks for the job your doing to make things better for us” kinda thing. And I was there! Painful now. But down the road as things take off, and I’m hopeful they will, when there are thousands of people playing and hanging out on TS, or maybe even an ingame chat server! HA! Do I see another update weekend in the future?!?! Will I be there like O’l Zeke and many others sharing with those new young bucks the story… Ya… I was there… (said with a glaze looking off back in time), Ya I was there… On UPDATE WEEKEND, two thousand fifteen. But I don’t wanna talk about it. You would understand the “small” band of brothers, who even paid more than they had to to play the game. You’ve seen em... They call em “HERO’s”. ~