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  1. Movie is posted in the Hangar
  2. ohh me getting nailed on the 2nd wave. lol I got you for like a split sec on take off, freeked me out too... flew right by you in that bird.
  3. hehe You'll see in the Vid that it's you that I bomb.
  4. Movie is finished. I'm going to render it later on when I go to bed as it's going to take about 3 hours. It's going to be about 8mins long. I'm also pretty excited about it as it is far different from my other productions, it's actually more Movie like than anything.
  5. lol I don't think it was you in the 2nd wave. I was on the North side and got nailed by a ship, name began with a i.
  6. What Killed the surprise for me was being limited in Alt. We were told 2.5 They can see us from that alt. It should have been just above 4.5 over the clouds.
  7. LOL Actually, It's me dropping my 250 on ur back in the 1st wave. I RTB'ed but got nailed on the 2nd wave just after dropping my bomb. Don't worry... You'll see it soon enough. I got that whole part done. Now I gotta finish up where I switched to Allied and flew the H81 around getting close flyby's of the ships and shooting a few ea down.
  8. Pffff who needs AAR's when my movie should be done shortly. =p hehe
  9. It's going together pretty nicely so far. Almost done with the 1st wave attack, Then the 2nd wave which will be shorter and them some extra stuff. only 3:40 so far. lol Don't seem like much but I do but a lot of time into the movie's I make.
  10. anyways been working on the video most of the day and yet havn't done much lol Been gathering things I'd like to put into it and right now I've been getting the sound together for it. The music will be different. More Movie like, so it should be really good.
  11. what format? 720p or 1080p?
  12. Listening to him on TS. lol I'm sure Kj would agree
  13. boy was u drunk lol
  14. Fraps Full Screen, 60fps @ 1920x1080 on a 24" screen