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  1. will do gnasche , sure i'm missing something basic, either that or people cant pay for a month, cant imagine what that would do for subs though.
  2. get Opera and tell it to look like IE so you can get used to it, its 20x better, 20x more secure, and you use tab browsing, also if you have a legal copy of xp try downloading the new IE 7 it has tabbed browsing as well (still wouldn't kick opera out of bed to get to it though)
  3. right, thats what i thought, then it said "no no, you cant change anything on a 1 month plan, choose a higher one" well i dont want to "modify" his sub, i simply want to pay one month for him, and as i said it wouldnt let me modify it anyway unless i paid for 3 months or above, any one else ? also any idea how i can buy a "1 month gift certificate" maybe ?
  4. a 1 month, 1 time sub, for someone whose account is inactive, can i have the steps to so please.
  5. ooo thats the important one thx gnasche
  6. dont suppose if anyone knows if a saitek x45, teamspeak, and opera are supported do they ? if they are i might go with it, can't think of much else i need, i'll keep xp on a different partition anyway.
  7. also try 2d instead of 3d sounds, specially if you only have 2 speakers or headphones, i had 3d selected and i couldn't even tell where anything was any more, bit ot but it might help.
  8. Priest try Creatives "Auto Updater" go here :- make sure firewall is disabled for this one, pick your country, and do anything it says to do, see if it updates anything. now its strange, when it says "Primary Sound Device" (after any big patch mine always defaults back to that and i have to change it to my soundcard to make it work, but it looks like people are getting the opposite here. Bier do you have NT compatibility mode selected for ww2.exe ? this works for some and doesn't for others, try the other way see what happens.
  9. hmmm latham has a SB audigy2, try the auto update on creatives site, see if it chages something else.
  10. i'm trying to help latham with this on ts now, just as a hunch i asked him to untick sounds in settings.exe (turn them off completely) he did and game started, so gonna get him the latest sound driver and see if that helps, will post back here, but try unchecking sounds, least we can isolae for "some" people maybe. edit* well it looks like we sorted latham, reinstalled sound drivers, rebooted reticked sound, and he's in game. gl folks
  11. check this out, it MIGHT help you, read this thread first IF it looks like it can help then try it, if it goes all wrong it's YOUR FAULT not mine ok however it looks like it CAN in SOME circumstances help. it's the AGP latency your looking at, i've got a 9800 agp that accepts the 64 setting. Also i just installed an Asus A8V board its socket 939 and AGP, was playing Delta Force Extreem and 10 minutes later screen froze, had to reboot, did that about 5x, then i find Asus A8V's and AGP Cards have a problem, people been turning AGP 8x to 4x and turning "Fast Write - OFF" in the BIOS, we cut a long story short i updtaed the BIOS (Asus update) turned Fast Write OFF, left AGP 8x ON, and did that above, BINGO, no more crashes, and kick ass fun. remember if it all goes gaga its your fault not mine but if it works for you (any part of the above so say if its A8V related or not) please post here, good and bad.
  12. it runs spybot, adaware, a trial version of spysweeper for a month, spyware blaster, and spyware doctor all in one go, page is in dutch just go to the download link upper right side of the page, dload it dbl click the installer choose english and install it, when it starts running the only thing you need to do is tick 3 liscence agreements the rest is fully automated, it's some fine piece of anti spyware software.