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  1. Yup, the one and only Willy Tee Here's a link to a lot of his comics. And a few of the vids kicking around on Youtube. EpyOabeRq6U
  2. Joy of the offset bug. When you get offset enough you can be stood outside on the roof of the spawn cp were you can still shoot after its been capped, but appear to everyone else as still being inside. Also its possible to be offset enough so that when you are in a cp capping your avatar appears outside to everyone else. Explains many of the invisible ei capping cp reports! Can't wait for 1.35 to be out and this stuff to stop.
  3. Just need to run the playgate.exe file in the original 1.34 Battleground Europe folder to get on.
  4. I'd expect another 1.35 open beta very soon. If that goes well then hopefully release won't be too far behind that, but Xoom can answer that better.
  5. As Zeke said, expect another 1.35 open beta. And when it happens I suggest as many people as possible try it out, as it's the best way of stress testing it and finding out if there are any bugs still kicking around.
  6. The new 1.35 is part of the old 1.35 code with the changes made to 1.34 since then ported over to it. In the new 1.35, multi-crew is fixed, infantry lag appears greatly reduced & offset should now be fixed. Few bugs still need squashing but it's looking very promising.
  7. A crash as soon as you click on enter world usually points to your graphics drivers not being up to date. Try updating them and see if that fixes it for you.
  8. One advantage of most gaming mice over a standard one is the ability to change your DPI on the fly. That allows you to have it set it for optimal movement, then at a kick of a button change it to a higher dpi for precise aiming.
  9. Was talking with Zeke the other day and we suspect we know when the bug appeared in 1.34. Given what we suspect it is related to it's more than possible that the code that includes the bug was back-ported into 1.34 from the original 1.35 code.
  10. Tested in both 1.34 & 1.35 Bug is re-creatable in both. But now they can create it at will, and have narrowed it down to an area of the code, hopefully they will be able to fix it "soon".
  11. We all know infantry lag is bad in 1.34 It appears to be a lot better in 1.35, but won't really know that until it gets tested with lots of players on it. As for some people being silent. Well a lot of us use the walk key when entering CP's as that means you can't here us approaching. The down side of walking is it takes away the big advantage you get from the lag when running. As for the offset/clipping bug, it's just that, a bug. We now know how to replicate it so hopefully the Rats can get it squashed soon.
  12. This page has multiple pictures of it and confirms it as 121.
  13. Pictures on this site suggest the Tiger is indeed 121.
  14. You type [youtube ] [/youtube ] without the spaces between the end of youtube and the square brackets and copy all the characters after the = sign in the youtube video URL in between the 2. e.g. [youtube ]wFOOz51mTpk[/youtube ] which without the spaces gives you wFOOz51mTpk
  15. You make a valid point. Apart from when flying and typing is a none starter, it is VERY important that stuff you report on TS you also report on in-game chat so everyone knows. Just a shame you can no-longer transmit chat on multiple channels at the same time like you used to be able to.