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  1. it says im unsubbed I think I'm sure they wouldn't intentionally double charge a cancelled account I must be readin it wrong they're good guys lol. It's too bad I love wwiionline...but it no worky lol
  2. Couldn't play tried everything....460 gtx still no luck lol I unsubbed and it says next bill date is may 12, unsubscribe date is may 13th Lol epic fail again Thanks CRS I hope Im readin it backwards I shouldn't have to pay two months subscription for 2 hours realizin I can't play Come on guys
  3. so, it seems, the trees are flickering stilll, i may have changed a setting, or have just been kluckyt in my first observation but other than the ttrees flickering...only through bonculars..(and thats it) its perfecto i can deal with a litttle flicerking...sometimes its more , than others..so its not to bad anyways...i might have done it to myself too who knows, lol, atleast the frameareatses solid now iom drnunk thx all
  4. that last response was funny, buy more ram when two responses before that, it was take ram out rofl OK GUYS..the nvidia card fixed EVCERYTHING it all works it wasnt the GT, but its still working PREEEEMO. its the GS OC 7900. cleaerly much better than the x1600 at open gl applications this is awersome THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR HELP. aI had a feeling from the beggingin of the thread it was the ati-tree issue. now, cleartly, we ALL KNOW, it was that. and I am so happy this game is working PERFECTLY for me now PERFECTLY. thanks again erveryoine you too bilton lol piece out everyone
  5. thank severyone, just bought a nvidia 7900 OC (It says it runs at 520 mhz..not sure if its the GT one or not,,,,didnt see GT anywhere, but it was $250) im replacing the 1600 when I get home I think this will work thanks for all the help guys wish me look so long radeon
  6. yea, 01 the one with max payne yer right on that now as for everything else clearly, it must be my ati card. its the biggest differencfe between the two systems. :\ I got some performances here and there ...but I guess Ati does not like the trees :\
  7. VSYNC has always been off never had it on no option is on, none. framrate, is usually, 15ish in battles, on foot basically, it, is the ati card. I know the 1600 isnt great..but it should do... I mean, compared to some of these cards people are claiming to get so much better reslts with Im talking, NO AA, NO AF, no vsync nothing. this system should do better :\
  8. your right though couldnt scqueeze out 2k got it just over the 8100ish mark (everything off, no overclocking) so..im off from where I should be...probably my Harddrive or whatever. point is...even if im only 15% off speed wise, from my peers....my peers, arent good enough, lol...for this game either I guess.. maybe nvidia cards work a little better :\ but 15% better than 15 fps, isnt gonna do it.... 24kish, lol, yea, that would be better... hmm, like 300% better, lol your seeing 45ish fps where im seeing 15 apparently lol, so yes, your where I want to be... apparently, I cant get there....unless I BIG TIME upgrade hardrive/videocard... no big deal Ill deal with what I can get just figured wwiiol would offer more, Good luck all.
  9. its a problem on the wwiiol tree side. lol, every other game ive installed today, is so fricken blazing. even fear, which they claim is super intensive on the graphics. but, the point is, I know, wwiiol requires different resources than, fear. but, I just dont believe its hardware when the games been played on now 3 rigs, 3 differentt processors, and 3 different video cards....all win xp.... from scratch. (Been buying and retunring PC's lately....its the best time of year to do so without too much hassle) not one has worked well, around trees..in wwiiol like I said, maybe im just unlucky, and everytime I get a PC...its dropped on the corner where the special wwiiol diode is installed in every mother board ever made..and im just getin thwarted by the hardware fairy
  10. ok, so bak to the moral.....how could a system that is clearly as good as other peoples systems..not perform even remotely as well...but only in this game...and only in certain situations involving trees.....in this game. I score closer to 200 FPS in my other games with similar settings (AA and AF off and such) I know wwiiol is a WHOLE nother cup of tea, believe you me, I know..but its wierd that my system can perform better in some games..mainly directx 9 games...and i guess not well in others... opengl :\ ah well
  11. but yea, how could I have score over 10k with a 9800 pro, and less with this new card? and a faster PC, lol :\ maybe 3dmark03 has actually gotten, better or something over the years.. im sure it was mark03 I used years ago to bench my PC bak then.
  12. not that I care, just so I have a comparison whats yer system, to have gotten a 24k score in mark03? watcha runnin? (Obviously a $500ish video card) but what else?
  13. how can I t be my sytem? when I have tried 3 brand new systems in the last 2 days? and all 3 have had two thigns in common.. ati cards, and ww2ol? ive been playing this game since day 1, like I said, on a 32 mb video card, lol... there is clearly an issue between these old shader drivers used in these trees or whatever, and certain ati cards.
  14. not that I doubt ya, but do you have any documentation about any motherboards made after 1990 that had problems with odd numbers of sticks of ram? :\ doesnt make sense. but if its any consolation....I put the extra stick in earlier today...after having installed wwiiol last night and played. not much of a difference that I can tell, but definantly not a 'cause' of any slowdowns, or problems what so ever that I can tell. im lost :\ lol, all I know, is its clearly an issue with certain, ati cards.
  15. guess i feel a little better now...but actually a lot worst tho lol my old system with a 9800 pro, and a 2.4 ghz processor, score 11k on mark03. ROFL. i mean, something is definantly up with the x1600, and older software :\ ah well sigh..........