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  1. Mosizlak, Not sure exactly what happened here, there's a disconnect somewhere in the email system and we're going to have to track it down. In the meantime, we'll go ahead and bill your account based on this forum and then have it apply to him.
  2. Should be good to go now Delems!
  3. Delems, What account are you running into this on? I'll take a look, it should be immediate but sometimes it can get a little backed up.
  4. When you download the game installer, which link are you using?
  5. Should go instantly active. What happened in this instance was the result of the maintenance cycle and was a one-off.
  6. Not a problem at all, glad you went at this with the persistence you did, that hiccup needed to be fixed
  7. We just had a quick maintenance cycle while you did your upgrade, resulted in a minor hiccup. Should be resolved and you should be able to get back into the game now.
  8. We found a little hiccup and fixed it, should be good to go now.
  9. This should be fixed, a minor bug on our end that affected some accounts.
  10. Please check out , it has the specific steps you need to get this fixed.
  11. This is an issue with Windows XP we're running into that we thought we had solved for but apparently not. We're going to try and get a fix out ASAP so you can get back in the game.
  12. 1.35 has been successfully loaded onto the Campaign Server! As of right now, we are holding the server in a maintenance mode to ensure that everything is running properly. We expect to have the server out of maintenance and opened up in the morning to resume Campaign 124. Meanwhile, make sure you have 1.35 installed so that when the campaign opens up, you're ready to go! <- Patch <- Full Installer Mac*​
  13. 2nd time's the charm!
  14. Fixed, S!
  15. You'll need to launch the old Play Online program to access the server.