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  1. I'm running on 2-14 fps in the air. Sometimes it will go to 60-70 for a few seconds then back down. AMD Phenom II x4 965 processor(4 CPUs) 3.4GHz, ATI radeon hd 5700 series I also run gamebooster helps with the CTD's but not my frames. Graphics drivers were updated yesterday but my sound drivers were updated 2009 (No idea how to update them.)
  2. I think this is something to do with screen res, i keep changing it, but everything is oversized and not good quality, I started off for 5 months perfect, then my game froze and it has crappy quality and huge items, when i control+alt+delete it is massive. Can anyone help please?
  3. I would like to sign up for a Allied plane please
  4. Not 1 bullet used. Each at a different point, with help from others, i had a 109 on my 6, manged to shake him off, and happened once more, other then that i was a little bit nervous to go down to 10k So i ended up with nothing. Next time, Im going to use all my ammo, and hopefully hit something
  5. Count me in! I would like a Spit please. Im from 19 RAF.