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  1. first. good jop crs ! a idea from me one OP start time to the best starttimes all timeszones us starts in US best time , europa on eu best starttime and Asia start in asia best starttime ... and and ... all in on op. sry my english the coming time zones as a kind of reinforcement of the previous ones
  2. View the full article on
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  4. hehe for our game for more good games allied !
  5. and we win red wins vs blue ^^ cool ore ? <-- all gamers and thy for youre time
  6. I respect ians opinion
  7. i like you its better als the germanen and they stole our anthem the german (from the austrian)ggg
  8. I respect the opinion of ian I try to take it into account the next time red wins vs blue .................. better ?
  9. @ian77 "I raised the issue of the same video of German torch lit military celebration being used again and again. " I will understand you is that the problem with torch german soldiers withtorch
  10. sry ian but was you smoking? its 2019 we all play a ww2 -->GAME <-- i take videos from 2000 + ! i worke on the game german to the dark side ( lukas .. you now ?) step for step I think that crs monitors everything if something is too [censored] and my family was to 90 % eradicated ! my family has bled enough . Uboot us coast /Russland and and ... i am not a fan for the 3 REICH but this is a GAME !!!!!!!!!