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  1. sry no bad videos ........only pics (pictures) Soldier! Sign up for the tank battles coming this Saturday:
  2. Battlegroundeurope Monitor comes back ?
  3. an official envent 24/7 WWII Online Air/Land/Sea we dont brake for girls choose your side
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  5. Operation NEWS
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  7. and we win red wins vs blue ^^ cool ore ? <-- all gamers and thy for youre time
  8. hehe for our game for more good games allied !
  9. We were here ! and won... a new campaignwill be the result join the dark side we are warriors are you a warrior?
  10. I respect ians opinion
  11. i like you its better als the germanen and they stole our anthem the german (from the austrian)ggg
  12. I respect the opinion of ian I try to take it into account the next time red wins vs blue .................. better ?