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  1. Same. I did what membrain did. Did a FULL install and no problems now other than not seeing the server.
  2. Agreed. The only things I find to be a positive on H&G are faction lock and armor gameplay. Faction lock is a good idea and would cut out the paranoids that speak of spies all of the time. I played Axis about three years straight on WW2 Online much of it in BK squad. Now, I am playing Allied. I don't switch and doubt most others do. Administration should consider locking a player to a side for the duration of the war. The armor in H and G has one principal advantage and that is the ability for the player to bail out of a damaged vehicle and continue on foot. I also wouldn't mind seeing some other vehicles added, such as: Jeep, Kubelwagen, Axis motorcycle with sidecar. I know we can't have every vehicle that was fielded but these few seem essential. The idea of modding weapons is absurd. You get what the armory special sights, internals, etc. That's one thing I don't understand about H and G but I guess they cater to the COD type players. Despite dated graphics and other issues like clipping, this game remains the premier WW2 game precisely because of what the OP said-massive map, true supply issues that HC has to contend with, massive battles and all equipment being player controlled. I dont mention AI towers because most of us rarely die by them. It's the substance of the game that makes it great, not graphics or pay to win. I'm glad it has stayed the way it has. I have been away for a while and had player tell me the other night that frus have to be truck delivered....I sure liked walking fru in. Never had much luck in a truck without getting shot up no matter how careful I was. Anyway, the longevity of the game proves that it has a successful formula. I think player base will grow, but slowly. Those who stick out the learning curve come to love the game. Oh, and the best thing of all (IMO) is that there are no "matches". Whoever shows up to a battle, shows up.