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  1. Hey guys! I posted one of these long time ago and never got a respounce 8(. But now I've resubscribed and trying one Air combat one more time before I decide that that my feet belong on the ground 8P. Would love some coaching in A2A combat can do any weekday 8-10pm. Thanks!
  2. I can also do weekends pretty much all day 8) thanks for the respounce!
  3. Hey Guys 8) I'm new to the game and am specifically interested in the Air-to-Air Combat that seems unmatched by other games. I'm having fun flying around and participating in air raids, but have not scored a kill yet.... I was just looking for a few tips to not die quite so often and im sure that with time I'll manage a few kills 8) - Corraz 9pm-11pm EST weekdays