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  1. 91st godblesseu, from axis, here What if there's an option to make towns out of obj play for a period of time? Up to 3-4? More for the losing side if there's a defeat streak.
  2. men of Axis and Allies, godblesseu's alt forum account here As you may know, Axis has won the C148 - Therefore we've stacked up some people to do a Victory parade - A tribute for the Campaign victory. Decided to share with you this small tribute which you all might find interessing. Salute! To both sides. godblesseu
  3. godblesseu here. Some stuff I would like to suggest... Scientist unit (Needs level 6, free account) In factory towns, players can select the "Scientist" unit and help progress tiers fast. Every 10 minutes it will be given a combination of keys that need to be executed by an unit. The more scientists take part in such, the faster the tier progression will go. Equipment: Pistol, Knife. Mission leader unit (Needs level 9 w/ membership) / [RESERVE] Mission leader unit (needs level 11) (normal) This unit is capable of wearing strong equipment, and can hold itself out pretty well. Has green smoke which can help call in for air support, automaticly stabilizes heavy artillery AI to it's position. It's also capable to mark enemies on sight! Requires to be mission leader in order to use it, and can only combine from a spotter of it's own mission. (reserve) Same as above, but with half less ammo for the job. Main equipment: SMG, pistol, knife, 8x green smoke grenades, 4x smoke grenades, 2 fragmentation grenades. Mission operative unit (Needs level 2 w/ membership) / [RESERVE] Mission soldier unit (Needs level 6) (normal) Loyal to the officer in command, this unit can carry a powerful SMG, and is able to resupply itself and the squad leader several times so the Squad leader can call several AI Artillery strikes. (reserve) Same as above, but carries less ammo boxes and less ammo on its SMG. Spotter unit (Needs level 4 w/ membership) / [RESERVE] Spotter unit (Needs level 7) (normal) This unit is able to automaticly tell where the armor is from its current position, every once in a while, in a certain radious. It's also capable of telling how much resources is left in an enemy facility. If combined with a squad leader of it's mission, allows the mission leader to call in an AI artillery strike by using its binoculars. (reserve) Same as above, but with weaker gear. Heavy MG unit / MG ammo carrier unit (needs level 6 / 3 ) This unit can deploy a strong Machinegun with plenty of ammo to use, which can be deployed. It requires an MG ammo carrier unit nearby in order to shoot and operate it. The kills and XP are shared for both. Axis: MG-42 / Allied: (or can't remember the MG) Up to 5 reloads, can have more if MG ammo carrier is refuelled. Batallion commander (Needs level 14 (0-1) w/ membership) This unique unit can call in a daily AI Airstrike which consist of 20 AI Heavy bombers flying in formation, which devastates an entire area, in any corner of the map. As long as it's aiming at it. (CAN'T TARGET FACTORY TOWNS) It can also do the same things as the Mission leader (such as calling AI Artillery barrages). HC only. ------------------------------- Here is some other stuff i'm going to suggest aswell... AI Artillery units These AI can shoot powerful barrages every 3 minutes, when a mission leader unit calls it either trough green smoke or binoculars (if Spotter unit is nearby). These units can be easily destroyed, and are hard to be repaired. Requests are queued in order. If spotter provides, he also gets the same kills as the Squad leader who requested it. Destruction of terrain Trees and bushes can be destroyed with explosives (Satchel, grenades, HE shots). Spawn protection Invisible for 3 seconds when spawned (can't aim or shoot 2 seconds after it's gone). Ammo boxes in para-planes The same could send several ammo boxes on its run, which falls from a parachoute. ----------------------------------------------- What do you guys think? Would it be helpful? Got anything else to suggest? Post below! IN-GAME NAME - godblesseu
  4. Congrats on the iron cross - godblesseu
  5. godblesseu With the defeat of Axis forces being near on war 146, Axis is forced to do another last stand. Cinematic: 00:00 - 01:40 | Frag video: 01:40 - 5:00
  6. EDIT: I want to connect my IN-game account to FORUMS, that's what is my intention.
  7. Sure thing, really looking forward to do it.
  8. Hello. This is godblesseu 's alt account. I wanted to start using the forums through my existing game account called "godblesseu", is there anyway of doing such? Would be really appreciated if it could be done. my steam:
  9. This is godblesseu's forum account, just want to say I'm appreciated you recognized our effort, and good job on keeping up the Axis morale up!