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  1. Will be held on Teamspeak3 to give players new and old, an in-depth look (information) on the Battle Ground Europe High Command Organizations. We will be covering the following topics as well as question and answers; 1. High Command History 2. High Command Responsibilities to the players. 3. High Commands role to CRS as ambassadors of CRS 4. Current State of the High Commands 5. What type of players are the High Commands looking for (HC is not for everyone) 6. Recruitment / OCS This meeting as stated would be strictly adhered to in respects to getting information to the players on how important the HC is and the ability to fuction as a team organized to help their respective side, this is also a opportunity to answer any questions of those players who may be interested in joining either High Command. Cornered Rat Software Reps as well as High Command Staff personel/Officers will be attending to address the topics listed and answer questions. We hope to see as many players there who have an intrest in the aspect of the High Command System or to get a better understanding on what it provides. When: Saturday January 12, 2013 Time: 5 PM CDT, 10 PM GMT, 12 AM Berlin, 12 PM Hawaii, 1 AM Helsinki, Where: TS3 IP: ts44.gameservers.com:9259 Password: ww2
  2. Look in here Petzl...see if any help in this thread, http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=386584
  3. we have gotten so far this round 230 or so placed but 6 as of now hooked up on teamspeak and 15 or so chatting on squad channel to help them....still a work in progress.
  4. Xoom, Kkelly9 in our squad who operates in TZ3 would be a great addition to recieve this to help with the amount of players being placed durring this TZ....he has shown outstanding team effort and continues to help get the new members and even current members organized.
  5. Durring our 3 days of being the host squad we had.... 200+ actually got placed in the squad....out of this number we had more than half get placed in the squad from the Axis side, this was prob caused due to the Allied side having a delay and new players was logging in on Axis side and got placed. Out of the number we was able to contact on Allied side we was able to get 52 players established with Teamspeak and or ingame squad chat. The biggest issue we had was getting the new players to communicate on squad channel...and we resorted to pming and help channel to get in touch, some did advise they also had to tune in the squad channel since it wasnt default when they was placed in squad. Overall this was a huge success but will definantly take some time to make it easier for the hosting squads as well as the new players.
  6. Not my first rodeo fellas Glad you fellas are having the success, we resorted to pming the new recruits to try and get responces, we had 41 new recruits total yesterday and 3 responces and of those 3 they advised they did have to tune squad channel in, so I dont think its a default channel nobipure. We are no way giving up on this, just advising some issues so far we are running into.
  7. Just posting what I have seen so far and giving a heads up. a) If your squad plays a particular side only....you will still recieve recruits from both sides when they are ingame. Still having a rough time getting new recruits to even chat on squad channel and or respond...not sure if the squad channel is default on or if the new guy has to tune it in...if it needs to be tuned, having it a automatic default channel would be a huge help. Maybe there could be a welcome screen of some sort advising the new players on what to do and what to expect when they are placed in a squad ?
  8. XOOM we have none that play Axis....been getting players joining who are logged in as Axis and perfer Axis personas...any chance we can get more axis squads in this so whenever you flip switches so those who perfer Axis can join them ?
  9. 7thAST (7th Allied Strike Team) checking in ... S! gents
  10. Waiting patiently for word and as far as the Weasels go....I think that wouldnt be a good idea, its not the intent or structure in respects to what that squad is all about......its a noob squad to get them the basics and hopefully move on to other established squads ingame.
  11. Nice looking setup, and good choice of map as well. That area allways gives a good fight for anyone involved.
  12. Been trying for quite sometime to get this fixed ..but no luck. First off...I have no sound problems with any other program....this all started when we switched to TS3....now the issue is I basicaly have no more sounds ingame, even when I dont have TS3 up and running....TS3 sounds are fine when game is running...the issue is no game sounds TS3 on or not. I have checked the game settings and I have volume turned up to max and still no change, I have checked my system sounds and have them turned up as well...(no sound issue with other games). Like i said this is also happening now even if TS3 is not running. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated
  13. It wouldnt make a difference either way except looking good on paper in points with 7thAST 1 point sure looks bad LOL we never got to the point of faceing off with any of the no shows.....but will go with 5 matches already played