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  1. Thank you for the reply! CRS-Heavy265 sent me the following video link in Discord and i was able to get my flaps adjusted.
  2. I'm a returning player with a thirst for air combat. I can remember years ago working out my setup with trainers and other players. I use a fighterstick, throttle, and pedals. What i'm currently having trouble with is the details of my stick setup, i.e. Stick sensitivity and deadband. I think im getting tiny vibration input from my stick and i'm not certain if it is normal or an issue that can be corrected. I also need input on proper trim settings. I'm familiar with the real life mechanics, but do not seems to be getting the proper results. I think my key mapping is flawed. I also am having difficulty editing my air.cfml file for incremental flaps. I just cant get the notepad document to format correctly. For now, i am available at anytime and would appreciate any help. Mingus was kind enough to provide some initial help that was very helpful to get me started Money