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  1. From the pic, can you click/highlight "Campaign" and then click play?
  2. Yup, looks it,, great job. Thank you.
  3. OK thanks, it was working, then stopped.
  4. Not updating? Still shows Jan 3rd.
  5. It does, it's called a message. Believe there is a sound when a cp falls or captured when it's your target.
  6. Thank you sir
  7. Well, can include me into this fiasco now also. Says inactive and not payed since Oct, when in actuality I've paid both Nov and Dec, which my date is the 26th and is only a few days ago. My account was changed in Oct, as suggested by CRS, to Paypal with recurring payments, account showed that and payment has been made that way. But now it shows as if this never happened. I even made sure the other night that the setup was intact, but I had to do it again, said I was on grace period, and was indicated that all was good. I was actually expecting to be charged again as has happened to others, but didn't. Instead, I'm locked out of game on a day off after having payed for my sub as normal on my end. Ticket has been submitted and hope can be resolved very soon. Very frustrated and ticked off, Mike
  8. Portland, Oregon.....that's US west coast. Another note: Is there a new IP addy so that we can plug into tracer route, MTR check our packet routing status?
  9. It would be nice in game.....but there's always this:
  10. Lead time on this?
  11. Do we still need to contact someone? Updated mine according to the latest instructions, which doesn't mention that. Seems to be a little conflicting info out there.
  12. 30 Days should be enough, if not then 4.99, that can be cancelled at anytime, isn't going to break the bank
  13. You'll need to take ownership, but the 64bit gameux.dll is the problem. It's located in Syswow folder. Don't need to rename the 32bit gameux.dll in system32 folder. Found this out after the wife couldn't play her solitaire and other included windows games. Restored the 32bit and her games work and still doesn't effect WW2OL.
  14. PW use to be saved awhile back, removed due to a member who got banned after doing bad things, logging thru someone else's pc that had saved pw.