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  1. Friendly Fire toggle still exists in the setup page. May not function properly, but it is there none the less.
  2. Remember the side change? West/East swap?
  3. I think broken down into 1/3rd's is anemic at best. If anything they should be cut in 1/2 or just should have been left alone, which the latter is what my opinion really is. Just my 2 pence
  4. Yea, I know how it all works. You're missing my point I guess. Forget about it.
  5. But still occupies a comm slot is what I was getting at.
  6. origin = rarely used and not needed. - delete it. side = should be untunable and default like system stuff. - frees up one slot.
  7. Well then enjoy
  8. Barrack's stairs are now accessible from the outside.
  9. Follow the stickie at the top of this section.
  10. Maybe the "snow" set him off?
  11. And a trench gun, so we can go hunting....LOL
  12. Blkhawk's link works, just the 32 bit is what it's looking for. The x86 package works.
  13. So you complain in other threads, there is too much supply, and now you want to save it? LOL I just don't know.....
  14. What's up with the active battles button to get out of a mission? Don't mind that there is a tab for it, but the button is a PIA. Been here since day one, preferred the old method to get back to the brigade. Especially if a quick change is necessary. It hardly changes over from 'Active' to 'Brigade HQ' button. Mostly never actually. So it's, Active/Theater Map/Brigade HQ/ to get back to where I was. Maybe shorten the time limit or give us an option?