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  1. Ok, when I try to look around, say for instance I push the stick across to the right, I'd expect my view to rotate to the right and continue turning until I release the stick, as perhaps you would if you are changing direction with a trackball mouse. It just stops when you've got the stick hard over and upon release it will make you turn back in the opposite direction. But there is no gradual movement, just a slight touch will move the view quickly, it's almost impossible to fine tune the sighting. Without showing you its quite difficult to describe but I hope I've given you some idea of what I mean?!! And yes, I've clicked the detect button but nothing seems to make any difference.
  2. I've just bought an Xbox 360 controller by Microsoft but for Windows, so not a real Xbox controller. I've been trying to set it up in order to play and I can live with the fact that the two main trigger buttons don't seem to work in game but when I try to set the right (or left) analogue stick to do basically what a mouse might do (ie. look around) it is just uncontrollable. I know this isn't Call of Duty, Battlefield or Medal of Honor but is there a way to set up a controller in such a way that when you look around, you get that type of movement as opposed to a very jerky, difficult to control abortion? Otherwise I guess it's back to my mouse and getting shot on the turn! Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!