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  1. Well, my one grandfather worked on the B-29's and actually got to see the nukes up close. That was pretty cool to hear! My one great uncle Jack was at Pearl Harbor, and went on to fight on the islands in the Pacific, he saw a lot of stuff, was pretty hard to talk to him about it. He actually had a Japanese soldier's sword! My other Great Uncle John was in the airborne, but he died somewhere in Normandy after he hit the ground. That's about all the WW2 history in my family.
  2. We were invading Anhee, XOOM as always was doing an excellent job to let the players know that you need to pop smoke! I had gathered about three buddies around the army base before the bridge and decided we should push as a bunch of smoke had been thrown onto it. As we crossed, everything was going fine. We had decent suppressing fire and the smoke was covering our advance. At about the mid-point of the bridge, bullet spatters ripped across around me and in front of me. Two of the men with me were ripped up by a Hurricane's guns. I sighed with great relief knowing I had just merely escaped death. That's when I removed that feeling relief, as I watched the Hurricane slowly turn around and start diving towards my position again. If you remember as a little kid, how you would push a button and think you'd go faster and/or hit harder? I mushed my shift button into the keyboard and ran as fast as I could. Bullets flew all around me, and I heard men dying around me. I then made it to the end of the bridge and jumped into a poof of smoke and stayed there for 10 minutes. I don't think I like Hurricanes anymore.
  3. I posted on the new squad forums but I was wondering I could join the ranks again. I don't even know if you remember me