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  1. I am also getting this problem. Below the Battleground title it says day 49 of campaign 68. I have a green light for server online, but kills and captures are 0. Towns are 509 (Allied) and 28 (Axis) I have gone into options/updates/reset all game data, but it reinitialises to the same place. Any suggestions???
  2. Hello Pilots, I am looking for some A2A training. I have been playing ww2ol for about 6 months and the squad I am in is mainly a land based squad and only play Axis. I have been practicing my flying off line and can take off and land smoothly. I have also been practicing dive bombing in a Stuka but now would like to learn some air combat skills in a BF 109. I have mainly been flying a BF 109 E-1 offline. I play the game on a Mac and use a X52 joystick and also use TS3. I play any time between 2pm-2am (GMT) Regards Branddu
  3. We have had TS3 for a few months now and I must say it makes the other players voices a lot clearer and sharper than it did on Teamspeek. Has anyone found an overlay for it yet? I am in a large squad and I'm finding it difficult to distinguish the different voices. Any help on this would be greatly appriciated. Branddu. (91st Strumbattalion).
  4. Do you think there is any chance that you could repost these videos with no sound? As you know, we outside the US can only play 3 of the six clips. I'm sure we could make them authentic by playing some of our own Pink Floyd albums. I think some of the tracks from 'The Final Cut' would work incrediblly well.... ;o) All the Best, Branddu
  5. Hi Everyone, As a new mac user and new to WW2OL and online gaming in general, I realize that I really need a joystick. I have asked my squad mates which they think is the best, but they are all PC users. The general consensus is the Saitek X52, but does this work on a mac? I have a Macbook Pro Mac OS X 10.6.6 Processor: 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 What does the Mac community think is the best joystick? Stuart (Branddu)