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  1. If the vehicle owner gets a choice to accept the requesting crew member, (just like we do now, only in the selection screen instead of in the battlefield.) I don't see any problem with it.
  2. I have played a lot now with my brother after the comeback vet. started. And we had some great fun! But the same issues that annoyed me years ago is still there. You should take a look at this post I made in 2011. It got some attention from the RATS. It does not have to cost anything, (like the issue was back then) just make a Google Survey. and send out a mail to premium members once a month or something. I for one want to make this excellent game more enjoyable with more cooperation. More fun to ride alongside your pals, more fun and less hassle to coop vehicles. I think that would have made the world of difference and make more people ask their friends to join, and that is again more money for development. And one thing is really important, everything you see in 1person should be visible in 3rd person like the dead AT gunner mention before, or the head movement when you use freelook view, or the dead driver in the truck witch you only know you killed when he despawns.
  3. I dont know if it is inn, but I have mentioned this before. Subscribing members should get one thing extra, and that is a small vote on how the devs. should prioritize its work. Devs. have their roadmap, okei, but small things. E.x what new unit or weapon. Devs gives us a choice, we choose. Should crew players be able to join or exit a tank in the field for example? Small things like that. I would gladly be a subscribing member if I had a little more to say in the development of the game. I for one want to make this excellent game more enjoyable with more cooperation. More fun to ride alongside your pals, more fun and less hassle to coop vehicles. I think that would make more people ask their friends to join, and that is more money for development.
  4. But the game has not changed. The devs needs to focus more on what makes this game shine so much, TEAMWORK and cooperation. Simple stuff just like having my mate sit in the front seat of the truck while we are driving, helping me spot enemies, maybe be able to take over the driver or gunnerseat of the tank/truck if me or my partner is dead, I still cant see if I hit the gunner or commander of an antitank or anti-air. No visual confirmation. Its all those small things that would have made this game so great! I cant even remove my own marked target on the map if I know that tank I marked is dead. And please let me turn my head at least 180degrees when I'm back of a truck or in a plane. I know I can do that in real life, and a little thing like that would make the waiting for a drop SO much more enjoyable and maybe helpful for our team. Let me have a copilot that can help me in the cockpit while flying? And if you have a coop player helping in you in a plane, tank or whatnot, DON'T let it count as a team imbalance. Since you already have full crew in the tank anyway, you don't encourage teamwork and coop-play. The only change I have noticed after 4 years of absent is that the game now frequently crashes when I save key changes. I hope you don't look at this as rants, but ideas. Like I started to say in the post, I keep coming back hoping for changes, there is so much to love. Love that it takes time to get to the battle, it makes you want to stay alive more, more afraid for your life. I love that we do not have endless supplies, I love to work together with air, ground and sea and the players make this game such a success.
  5. Hahaha! Its like having a Porche with a Lada engine. Does it even support DX9 ?
  6. gnasche, I agree with you on that. I had mine drop when 1.23 came out. And havent played since actualy. (summer vacation and massive CTHL) The SSE2 made my average FPS increase. But I have a serious problem now when flying or in towns. When there are many players in a town I have under 15 FPS. And in the air Im suffering from stuttering. And that regard you made on sounds makes perfect sence. My card only supported 16 diff. sounds. Hope that helps me a bit. Thanks
  7. Im afraid I have to agree with you on that d0enitz. Im out of patient too.. I have tried everything to get better FPS with no luck. I have had bad FPS since the 1.23 patch. I play every damn game out there with high res. and no trouble with FPS what so ever. I get over 5000 in 3Dmark05. There is nothing more I can do... I cant understand why there is so few posts in here. Is there none that want this FPS issue resolved? Every damn time I play lots and lots of people complain about crapy FPS.
  8. I just played the game with some insane amounts of paratroopers. We where over 110 paras on the airfield. And my FPS literally DIED! I had between 5 and 7 in FPS. And a lot of players reported the same. I think I can confirm that it is the players that kill the FPS. Like you can see from the tests no one is having trouble offline. Then you have an insane amount of FPS compared to online play. And at once there are getting players in your angel of view (towns etc.) your FPS stops. We where only a little over 100 players in my view then. Think about looking at a town where 100 allies are attacking with tanks, planes, inf. and etc. And axis is defending with the same amount. That is over 200 players. Think about the FPS then. And one question. Can you, CRS please comfirm that opening the map in the plane is hurting the FPS for other players? In that case, WHY?
  9. a) CPU: Athlon 64 3500+ BIOS/motherboard: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum-54G Bios: v1.9 c) RAM & type: Geil 2.0GB (2x512MB) DDR PC3200 400MHz Value CL2.5 5nS 2.55-2.65V Dual Channel d) Video card: Saphire Radeon X800XL e) Video card drivers version/build: 6-8_xp-2k_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_35179 f) Sound card: Onboard 7.1 channel audio codec RealTek ALC850 g) Sound card drivers version/build: Nvidia nForce Audio Codec 6.14.457.0 h) Settings: 1280x1024x32 run SSE2 3D sounds max 64 sounds Disable radial Clutter High Vis limit. Gouraud Shade mode. Dithering, text reduction, Enable Specular. No shaders. Post render filter. Enable Grass shader. Normal Maps. Shadow None, View dist: Far. No suppressions. No LOD. 1) OFFLINE TEST - FPS RESULTS a) Rifleman in spawn: 45-49 FPS Rifle range (500m box) no binocs: 48-53 FPS Rifle range (500m box) w/binocs: 104-116 FPS c) No binocs, 90° Right: 65-68 FPS 180° right: 43-44 FPS 270° right: 50-51 FPS 2) ONLINE TEST – TRAINING SERVER - FPS RESULTS I spawned at Roermound a) Rifleman in spawn: 31-32 FPS Rifle range (500m box) no binocs: 24-25 FPS Rifle range (500m box) w/binocs: 57-63 FPS c) No binocs, 90° Right: 44-45 FPS 180° right: 43-44 FPS 270° right: 39-42 I allso made a mission in Luxemburg. Startet at the South AB. And walked north west of it. Facing north at the City CP. In Spawn: 24-25 FPS Looking north at City CP: 24-25 FPS w/bios: 45-46 FPS East: 58-60 West 41-42 FPS South: 55-56 I noticed some stuttering while running toward the city CP. Here you can see a drop of more than 50% FPS between online and offline play. But I must allso say I have a lot less FPS when I play in the game somehow. In city battles I have from 5 FPS to 17 FPS. Lets say 15 on an average.
  10. Im having a realy hard time in cities. I play with up to 60-70fps outside towns, 30-40 on average. But when Im inside or looking at a town, I drop to 5-15 fps. It is totaly un playable. Have tried a lot of settings. Water shaders off and everything. Nothing helps. Please give me some tips.
  11. After one more hour with vis. settings on low I had one CTHL. And this time it didnt even happen ingame. I was in the choose brigade screen.
  12. a/ Yes! b/ After I havent played for a week because of this CTHL'thing I tried today. I played for maybe 2 min before I got the CTHL again. c/ Sat Jun 03 20:04:07 2006 network election of 2 addresses: Winner: d/ Yes, it finished fine all the time. f/ ISP Lyse tele, fiber connection 20/10Mbit g/ High, and tried medium. h/ Unsure, will come back to edit. Played one hour with low settings. No CTHL
  13. ziporama, its not only you, I have a 64bit 3500+ with 2GBram and X700XL radeon card, and Im having a hard time to play inside cities too now. My fps is under 10 sometimes. And normaly I play with over 50fps. The last patch have ruined the game for me, not only because of the serious fps drop, but the CTHL's I get all the time. Its unplayable for me now.
  14. 1. CTHL 2. A 'freeze' in 45 seconds and then the CTHL dialog, plus ability to chat after the dialog comes up. 3. Unsure. But never before 1.23 4. fiber 5. 20/10Mbit 6. AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 7. Happens anywhere. 8. Happens at very random times. In flight, tank, infantry, atg. Everywhere. 9. Unsure. 10. After 1 hour play it has happened no matter what. 11. What is that in CET time? Most likely not.
  15. That was just the best!!! Think I have to print that out. Just a shame so much of that is not in ww2ol. But lucky some of it is.