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  1. 'Don't lie about the truth infront of da trials Mrs, bad juju.
  2. one of those times i'd love to live in texas........
  3. sometimes when your in a para plane wth a lot of people and there slammed together,some creepy stuff happens:
  4. This is because allieds have placed 90% of there flags and activity in twerp area, and nuetans law is closer objects,less FPS basically, So dont be surprised with lag spikes,Idk it might be affliated with twerps scripting though,But yeah once twerp falls ect we should be good and happy
  5. hasent happened to me scince early october. Weird. Do get firebug a lot though.
  6. yep, seen a allied try to do this on spawn, machine gunned him
  7. When i spawn at Ramsgate i find that by the Para Spawn/ Airfield CP i find a random allied 2pndr or whatever it is..We shot the **** out of it and its been there for days. I think its bugged AI.. Its been there for days, and it doesent appear to be AI..but i think it is. Weve tried sapping, gernading it, all of doesent dissapear And if it was someone, who AFK's for 3 days? Somethings messed up here... /comment /sign
  8. The reason im suggesting Pittsburgh or Phili PA, is becuase its in between places like Georgia, Ect and New York and such, Thus we get more people from north and south as its less of a trip for everyone /discuss