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  1. Ever buy a new joystick plug it in and it is now Joystick 3 instead of Joystick1? Dont remap it. Dont rework your cmfl. Change the ID to what you want with JoyID Utility. JoyIDs Utility:
  2. turn your gamma back down.. you are not playing ground anymore.
  3. They are not Commie. They are Natioanlists
  4. You are looking at a 2 to 4 hour run by the TTs to do this.
  5. Great shot there.. dam spits have ice breaking bows now for headons.
  6. 1) Always report enemy air on the air channel and if you report from the air always report altitude. The world is 3d meaning someone at 3k cannot help you at 23k even though their little icon is right on yours on the map. Nice post.. I like Willy Tee's best but I guess I am just a visual learner.
  7. Ok figured this one out too. Sound in Software mode... sheesh..
  8. Every other game and TS have great sound. This game now has no frontal sound in an airplane. I can hear the wind rushing and other planes but not my plane
  9. Ya just upgraded form 2.5 Mhz to 2.8Gightz doubled memory added GTX 460 1 Gig Video and I get the same FPS. maybe 2 or 3 more in a big fight.. GO FIGURE. Just what do that Rat's think a good FPS is? This game apparently does not like INTEL processors.. Maybe if they spent as much time on processor management than doing the MAC stuff people might like it.
  10. Ya thanks guys I found it .. and that is the problem.
  11. You would think it would be on front page but I cant find it. I just upgraded my system from 9800 GTX 512 to a 460GTX 1 Meg and it did nothing for my FPS. Something must be going on here. I suppose it is advantageous that I get crappy FPS.. but in reality I would have thought this game would run faster than 30 fps in heavily crowded towns after the patch and upgrade. So if you could show me a link I would appreciate it. I would like to check out where I stand.
  12. Seems when I click on the message board that is the depsawn window and not on the ok or cancel, the message screen goes away and the view goes slightly dark. This locks the game with no way to get it back and I get a CTHL.
  13. I dont know why I can come to the forums in an instant but when I try to load the main website it just never renders and often times out. I think the Rats need to do something about that if they want to attract new players trying to see the website. It is amazing that if you livelihood depends on people being recommended to try the game and then they cant get to the website to visit and download or mangage their accounts. I can access the Chinese website easier.